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  1. BRABO

    Some xatspaces i've made

    Excellent templates, good work bro.
  2. BRABO

    New power to rename smilies (sname)

    A very interesting idea, I really hope it is taken into account. With the demonstration it became easier to understand. Good job.
  3. BRABO

    514 NOCARA

    I believe it will produce interesting combos of smilies. I also do not see problems with the name, in fact the community of xat is multilingual. Good job!
  4. BRABO

    Wizards power

    His work is incredible, an excellent suggestion.
  5. Happy Birthday!  (hug)

  6. @Math Happy birthday! (hug)

  7. BRABO

    Happy Birthday My Shirt 10 (hug)

    1. Jean


      Thanks my brother <3

  8. BRABO

    Seals Power [FLASH]

    @iSanty You do a great job, Seals is very cute and pretty much complete. Congrats!
  9. BRABO


    BR4BO (1521709530)
  10. BRABO

    513 EYEEYE

    Alien eyes would be funny. Good job!
  11. BRABO

    Mafia Power [FLASH]

    You have talent, I really liked the smilies. I believe it will not be possible to smilies with guns, but wearing hats, sunglasses, face tattoos and piercings would already be something possible. Good Job!
  12. BRABO

    Favourite Official xat Chat

    My favorite official chats are: Ajuda, Help, Loja & MundoSmilies.
  13. BRABO

    Block Kiss Power

    Personally I see no reason to buy a power with a function that I can do myself with just a few clicks and totally free.
  14. BRABO

    512 SUSPENSE

    I liked the new power, especially the pawns. Nice job!

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