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Status Updates posted by Sagaz

  1. Tribo da Periferia - Imprevisível ♡

  2. eae chefe das ids, parabéns, tudo de bom (victory)

    1. Mister


      Obrigado meu caro amigo! (ok)

  3. Happy birthday bro.  :p

  4. Sagaz

    Happy birthday bro. :d

  5. Sagaz

    Happy birthday bro.

    1. Tigi


      Thank you my friend :d

  6. Happy birthday bro.

    1. HelperNate


      Thanks, Sagaz. :)

  7. Happy birthday bro.

  8. Sagaz

    Happy birthday gay 

    1. Jean


      thanks Sagay <3

  9. Sagaz

    Happy birthday, many years of life for you. (victory)

  10. Happy birthday, milk shake. (toj)

  11. Happy birthday!  :p

  12. Happy birthday!  :p

  13. Happy birthday!  :p

    1. Fiona


      Hehe its not my brithday

  14. Sagaz

    Happy birthday!  :p

  15. Happy birthday!

  16. Sagaz

    Happy birthday. (victory)

    1. J0hn


      Thanks you so much!!!

  17. Happy birthday. (victory)

  18. Happy birthday.

  19. Happy birthday.

  20. Happy birthday.

  21. happy easter for all  (hi)

    1. Mystic


      Happy Easter!

    2. Kopas


      Thank you, happy Easter for you too!

  22. Happy New Year anticipated for all that the year 2019 bring us a lot of good stuff.  :d

  23. hello @Samuel happy birthday bro.  (hi)

  24. hello, happy birthday.  (hi)

  25. Live the life you love, love the life you live.

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