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  1. Buying everyone’s and their mommas xats 

  2. yz2HWso.png    3tK0SIt.gif



    What do you guys think about it?



  3. A7mu3El.png

    1. Skatel


      Santy, you're on another level, amazing.

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  4. Looking for a html 5 template in psd?



  5. Hello Forum friends is nice to back here again, it’s been years i think. Keep safe everyone, stay home and forum and xat👈

  6. Spoiler

    strawberry cake GIF


    HApPy BiRthDay MY FRIEND
    this is the one time I'll say "te amo" 
    Be happy today:)


    1. Skatel


      Te amo Masha thx ❤️😙

  7. yooo

    1. Skatel








      Leandro I've reported you for stealing

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  8. Gui

    Gui    Skatel

    Happy Birthday!

    1. Skatel


      Thank you, my dream was always that someone famous like you congratulated me on my birthday

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  9. Feliz cumpleaños :D

    1. Skatel


      gracias estoy cumpliendo 13 ya casi soy mayor de edad :D

  10. Hello can someone explain why was my recent reply removed? thanks and good night

  11. WIN GESTURE. Reply to this status with your xat registered name and ID.

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