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  1. I would say that if this were a power perhaps would be acceptable as a tool publishes I would not like to
  2. excellent work mike smiles are very well made and I think it would be a good power to combine with others, happy halloween
  3. if it is as you say, I don't think that is necessary
  4. Skatel


    you mean to improve it in the sense of add new smiles?
  5. you also will spend halloween in hell?
  6. I would guess that the laggy would not have to be present, but no don't understand if this will be a power or a tool-free
  7. Skatel


    these images remind me of when I went to look for the games of sticks and they were that kind of covers, on the other hand I don't think it needs another power on the stick when there is already one but good luck
  8. ah ok, well, I think it is a good suggestion but that of the ADV MEMBER I do not think shall go there if it's not something like "old volunteer" I think that would look better as well
  9. these plates will only be awarded to people as OLD VOLUNTEERS or OLD CONTRIBUTOR or ADMINISTRATORS of xats official?
  10. a long string, and unnecessary truth
  11. I agree totally with this comment, it would be an endless chain of people or perhaps place some limits, however the same would be too ridiculous from my point of view
  12. the truth is not as if this would be necessary, in addition to refer to something public or to a power such as the radio, but only for private?
  13. if there are drinks you've convinced me!
  14. That is well down from the cloud to someone that will strip the great thing 

  15. secure the passes well out there in halloween hell does not burn much
  16. Hola amigo Este tipo de problemas suelen pasar cuando compramos xats a X persona y no estar seguro de si es legal o no, por eso siempre es recomendable comprarle xats a los RESELLERS/REVENDEDORES ya que usted uso un metodo de transferencia bancaria es un poco mas complicado saber quien es de fiar o no. Yo le recomiendo abrir un ticket como bien dice el usuario @Blacky Luego de esto debe esperar a que los voluntarios tomen las respectivas medidas, cabe recalcar que si usted tiene algun tipo de PRUEBAS relacionado con el usuario que le robo incluirlo en el mismo ticket esto facilitaria mucho mas el trabajo de los voluntarios. Recuerda no comprar xats a desconocidos y lamento todo este problema, si necesitas algo mas COMPARTELO EN ESTE MISMO POST estaria encantado de ayudarle. Buena suerte!
  17. good job bro, good luck in the contest
  18. I agree with you, i usually use VANS for shoes
  19. Skatel

    My Design Works

    I really liked this, very well made 10/10
  20. it would be an amazing idea, something like the bomberman but game power as well as the mazeban or other
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