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  1. Hola, esto es un problema muy comun en los xats, usuarios trolls sin registro que molestan, si el mismo dices que se sigue desbaneando usa el comando /pc on es para activar la proteccion y asi este no podra seguir entrando, si usted desea desactivar este comando usa /pc off, otra opcion podria ser colocar el xat solo para registrados o miembros asi como le muestro en la captura NOTA: Si tienes otra duda comentale aqui mismo
  2. thanks for your input, I'm going to use these codes as I was looking around
  3. from my point of view I say that the pawn that is normally used is better, I don't think that it needs another type of color
  4. this would be excellent that it added to the power
  5. therefore it is a good idea and it could be while writing in the private of the person that the image changes (as well as the avatar)
  6. Skatel


    SK4T3L (300064311)
  7. it all come down in price like every year I guess
  8. In 2 months since it's 2018 and I'm still without doing anything of what I said I was going to do in 2010.

  9. you ever think that this could generate a lot of people kicking between them?
  10. I think that I could understand your short explanation, but it would be better if this type of peon was part of a power of smiles and not just a peon, good luck
  11. it is not something that is necessary I guess that's why this forum
  12. Skatel


    SK4T3L (300064311)
  13. as it says bau this is a that have been touched so many times which the truth seems to me to add new payment methods to purchase XATS but I don't think will do something, good luck
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