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  1. that Maduro no longer remains president of Venezuela
  2. Hello everyone, today I came up with an idea about a power that deals with fishing here I will leave some examples to have an idea of what I mean Something like this, obviously with the smiles instead of those characters, if you have any other suggestions to add to this post I'll be delighted to read it
  3. After a very intense investigation comes to a conclusion which is iPhone obviously
  4. Skatel


    SK4T3L (300064311)
  5. Skatel

    Sushi power

    Hello, I think this would be a good power to work, it would be worth creating something so would call a lot of attention to users because at first glance in the pictures you can see that they are cute smiles
  6. are very well smiles call a lot of attention and that is good in a power, the pawns are also Cool excellent job @Mike
  7. That would be great, people who review your Xatspace can look how many people have added would be interesting to use something like that, good luck
  8. Hi all I want to know if you could fix this bug of numbers as you can see in the image a user has in the sale of his powers many numbers This is a problem that only fixes when you start session again, for example you write a simple "123" but the other people look "1345665335775" Obviously you don't realize unless someone notifies you of this bug. Greetings.
  9. Disgusts me the people who always want to be the victim

  10. Congratulations to the new Contributors
  11. I liked the idea of a power that takes care of the boats, could include smiles driving the boat, launching anchors, and others like simple passengers looking at the sea, if they work well this could become interesting
  12. Welcome back to the world of design, excellent bg, I can look at the naked eye that you have potential in this, I hope you will take advantage to the maximum
  13. What do you mean? I'm just joking with my friend.
  14. nice job juan, it look very well done visça barca
  15. I loved the pawns and smiles of this power, @Cupim did an excellent job creating them the truth, my favorite smile of this power is beefy
  16. Skatel

    | Electros |

  17. Hola, si usted cambio de casa o de compañia de internet en la cual usted creo su cuenta de xat debe abrir un ticket en Location update y colocar lo siguiente; NOTA: Si usted tiene otra duda referente a este tema comentela aqui mismo
  18. My cardiologist just told me my heart is too weak, I'm sorry I can't love you

    1. 6


      What is love anyway

    2. Skatel


      what I feel for food, that's love

  19. Skatel

    Im Back!

    welcome back and nice job man
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