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  1. Congratulations, you deserve it!

  2. Unoriginal

    1. Maverick


      Welcome to unoriginal profile. How can we unoriginally help you fix the issue and not hijack your avatar?

  3. Hola, cuando usted termina de rellenar los datos para registrarse en xat, ellos le enviaran a su correo un mail de confirmacion donde usted debe entrar al correo que coloco en los datos y buscar ese mail, una vez echo esto debe ingresar al link que ellos le proporcionan, iniciar sesion y ya estara logeado sin ningun problema. Recuerda incluir este paso, es obligatorio:
  4. You did a good job with the two bg but this in particular I liked very much, you know to combine the colors and looks very attractive, good work
  5. Skatel

    /message PC/PM

    Same as you say would be good in my opinion, this should be separated by one "," ? Example: !pc jedi, sk4t3l, hi or just a space would be fine?
  6. Skatel

    /message PC/PM

    Many times you want to share something with all your friends but you must start sending it one by one, I like your suggestion, this would be easier would and less annoying for users, I think this should be for those who doesn't has people add too, maybe a friend of yours change her account and you have not added there but also want to include it in the message, greetings
  7. With macros everything would be easier for users in my opinion
  8. I love this idea, if they implement this would be very useful and easier to give time for any range
  9. In the short time I know you I consider you a good friend, you know you can count on me for whatever, I hope you continue to share with us both in the forum and in xat
  10. I think it would be better to find a tutorial on how to paste a song in your xatspace and so users do not take so long looking how to do it
  11. something like this? only is a example
  12. she could be an excellent candidate, but she doesn't come in here anymore
  13. Skatel


    I never wrote that you should not suggest this, I just gave my point of view that your suggestion is similar to a power that already exists, the two try on the same SPIDERS so therefore are similar

    1. Skatel


      @Maverick Can you greet me in your next video? I'm a loyal subscriber

  15. I'm going to sue you for copyright

  16. Skatel


    your suggestion is very similar to a power that already exists xat.wiki/Arachnid
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