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  1. Como ya antes mencione si tus poderes / days / xats no tienen nada que ver con la razon por la cual usted obtuvo este bloqueo esos poderes / xats / days no seran removidos, ellos solo eliminaran de su cuenta los xats que esten sucios es decir que sean robados.
  2. Ellos haran una investigacion sobre tus tradeos y demas, seguramente te hagan preguntas las cuales deberas responder honestamente y obviamente si tienes xats sucios ellos van a removerlos y dejaran los que no tienen nada que ver.
  3. Hola, la causa de este bloqueo son por tener xats robados, seguramente los voluntarios miraron una actividad anormal en tu cuenta y obtuviste este bloqueo, para arreglar este problema debes abrir un ticket en Account Block como ya antes lo menciono Stif, cabe recalcar que debes ser paciente ya que ese departamente esta con retraso y duran un poco con la respuesta.
  4. Hello I wondered if they could add a new hat to this power, I take the time to create an example to see if they take it into account.
  5. Hello Friend, you can raise this problem again in the ticket so that volunteers can help, if you want to contact any volunteer can find them here sending a private message, here I leave a list of all volunteers https://forum.xat.com/staff/
  6. Hola, usted esta seguro que tiene el dinero suficiente para hacer esta compra? si es asi revise que este colocando los datos bien de su tarjeta, si esta problema sigue apareciendo talvez sea un problema de su tarjeta y no de el sistema. Saludos.
  7. You're more annoying than YouTube ads

  8. Hello, if you want your ticket to be closed you can contact a volunteer, send a private message with your ID number, registered username, ticket number, and email. Here you can look at a list of all the volunteers https://forum.xat.com/staff/
  9. Just be patient, some tickets have more time without getting an answer as I said before you are not the only user who needs an answer, you can look here departments that are overdue: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Ticket_times
  10. Hello friend, if you already opened a ticket for this problem just wait until they give you an answer, you have to understand that you are not the only one who is waiting for an answer, just have to be patient.
  11. Hello, if you want to report a bug creates a post here: https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/
  12. Hi there. I know this has been suggested before, but without illustrations, so here's a couple images to see if with this smiley makers and admin motivate to do it Mouths example: Eyes example: If you have anything else to add I'll be happy to read it.
  13. it is easier to send those users to chats where they speak international languages Assistance or simply to chats where they speak their native language?
  14. Skatel

    Rank problem

    I do not have that power, step as it i explained above.
  15. Hi all I create this post with the purpose of reporting a bug that happened to me today (already before I had happen but had not taken screen) I went to eat and was afk about 2 hours or 1 and when I back my pawn appeared so As you can look at the screenshot I appeared without any kind of rank, as a guest, I had no stealth clearly but still had the rank of main owner when I restart the page that problem is fixed
  16. For some time ago I did not like a pawn, and long ago I did not look one at such well worked and are really interesting, good job @Mihay
  17. The less they know about you the better

  18. Skatel

    Shark Power

    I love your work in this suggestion, I hope you can share with us more smilies about this power
  19. It could be possible to add: the user with more chats created?
  20. Felicidades :$ 

    1. Solange


      Muchas gracias! (hug)

  21. It is not necessary to place your user, just enter xat.com/saludo
  22. Hello! In 10 minutes, we will be hosting some games with the GameBot at xat.com/Saludo. Come now and play along with us and win xats! Hope to see you there.
  23. Skatel


    SK4T3L 300064311
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