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  1. Skatel

    My Design Works

    very good designs, completely clean, and I liked the structure follows as well
  2. Skatel


    Grats guys @Teddy @Idris and enjoy
  3. Well my favorite console and which you use for several years was the PSP I really liked it a lot and aside I could take it to any place too on the ps3 I liked it so much especially to play football
  4. the truth will not look regard to your suggestion for a moderator or member should always be visible to help like I hope you keep putting best ideas here good luck
  5. I really like the theory of the bing bang
  6. my favorite: yeferson soteldo he is a player of the selection of venezuela and the truth has much of a future in football
  7. Skatel


    SK4T3L (300064311)
  8. 5. Which power does "prevent other users marrying or bffing you"? R: The power is single SK4T3L (300064311)
  9. I like it idea bro, thanks for the suggestion
  10. Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great day as you read in the title I make a suggestion and this time a be able to try on makeup, below I'll leave a few smiles that can be used: Well this is one of the examples, if you have anything to add, any critique will be welcome in the comments, Greetings
  11. Good idea, I hope will be taken into account, but if you can do without the need of having the power I do not see the science, like a good idea
  12. my most recent favorite is The big bang theory and the old Mad man
  13. Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great day on this occasion I come to suggest an idea for a power as well-read in the title this is (skateboard) based on the sport, here are some smilies that can be used: (skate) (skid) (flip) (revert) (ollie) (tail) below is a sample of hats that can be used Greetings
  14. Marvel Martin garrix or skrillex?
  15. Skatel


    Very good idea, it would be like the supercycle or cycle but in the hat, I hope they add it in the near future, Greetings
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