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  1. I from my phone if I can get normal here
  2. This only generaria more lag and I don't see the need to add a few powers that your text color, it seems to me totally unnecessary but everyone is free to say and suggest, luck and greetings
  3. Skatel


    SK4T3L (300064311)
  4. and went home to think about what happened
  5. Hola amigo, si usted es el propetario del chat (Main owner) haciendo click en el usuario y eligiendo que rango usted le quiere dar por ejemplo, en su caso le quiere dar member: Para hacerlo owner: Cabe recalcar que si usted no tiene ningun tipo de rango dentro del chat no podra y le saldria a usted algo como esto: Otra opcion podria ser que el GCONTROL este configurado solo para que Main owners puedan dar el rango especificado, trate de contactar con el dueño del chat o si en tal caso usted es el propietario del mismo haga los pases anteriores. NOTA: Si usted tiene cualquier otra duda referente a esto mismo no es necesario que cree otro post, comentela aca y sera atendido. Saludos!
  6. Hello, this new power is similar to the bird but still looks very cool, greetings
  7. This is true happens to me always I wish I could copy the entire paragraph instead of a single word, I hope will be taken into account your suggestion
  8. Skatel

    Set a Doodle

    Hello I like very much the idea to make sure that there are many users who ever wanted to draw and had to go to the private of any friend to be able to draw quiet
  9. Hola amigo, para resolver este problema puedes usar el comando " /pc on " y asi dicho usuario no podria entrar, solo usuarios registrados podran escribir sin necesidad de resolver el " ¿Are you a human? " o simplemente cambia en las configuraciones de tu xat que solo sea para registrados o miembros, espero te sea de ayuda mi comentario.
  10. Excellent design, I liked these the truth, greetings
  11. Skatel

    WIN 200 XATS

    SK4T3L (300064311)
  12. the power is based on smoke and things like that?
  13. since this contest ended
  14. Skatel


    Hello, the truth seems to me an excellent idea which can work and operate with many smilies and others I hope will be taken into account
  15. well as you can read in the title to comment on that brand of computer they like but in my case I like 3 brands which are: 1- Siragon 2- Samsung 2- Mac
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