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  1. Skatel

    My Design Works

    other cool bg bro, nice job!
  2. Skatel


    something like cubes of ice around
  3. Must know how to differentiate between the people that are going because they want to leave and go because they don't know how to stay.

  4. Skatel


    pasta with garlic bread and sauce, what more can you ask for
  5. Skatel


    SK4T3L (300064311)
  6. Skatel


    excellent idea, seems better that the user remains still, without being able to write or anything, would be great, good luck
  7. it would be a good power to get to the sale at the time of christmas, I suggest putting more examples to not make it so difficult for the designers
  8. excellent work friend, you always have a unique style when it comes to designing and that attracts a lot of attention
  9. I enjoyed the smiles I think that the new SKUL is most that all in a single thing, good luck
  10. of both to hear it bored me so
  11. Skatel


    hello dude, I taste the smile that you used as proof the suggestion is also good, hopefully they take it into account, good luck!
  12. Skatel

    my works

    good job friend you can look at a glance that you have already mastered this design, greetings
  13. if you want you can open it but I would recommend to help in the Assistance that is international for the moments
  14. the will have difficult to choose a favorite, this is also very well made, good work and good luck
  15. I recommend you listen to this, I also really like the song
  16. it sounds like it is a great environment
  17. rlly? this is also very good, is similar to that of big soto - me mira
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