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  1. Hola, busco amigos 

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    2. Dmytro


      Aunque ya no busques amigos, te dejo las tarifas:


      - Amigos: 5k xats.

      - BFF: 15k xats.

      - Married: 30k xats.

      - Más que amigos: Negociable.

    3. iDan


      Soy tu amigo, hermano.

    4. xPedro
  2. thank u all but..


    today isnt my birthday 






    1. Marya


      haha that is funny (xd) 

    2. SethTI


      The rare moment I wish someone a happy birthday on here and it's a troll...



  3. When you've been waiting for the new power too long
  4. I want to suggest adding a crossword puzzle In that example appear random letters, obviously those words should be replaced xat things like: purple gold hands anime Among other things
  5. The translator instead of translating from Portuguese to Spanish, that appears
  6. Skatel

    514 NOCARA

    I think I've taught you well, I'm proud
  7. Skatel

    Greendi Power

    One of the best suggestions i’ve seen around here, great job dude
  8. Soon 

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    2. Thuk


      Bra = Brazil | xico = Mexico



    3. Pia


      Sí, de pobres...


    4. Leandro


      Mick Jagger? Ya no tiene dinero y la pasa con los pobres de xat.

  9. I want to seize the moment to suggest a hat:
  10. Some people never come to agree with anything
  11. Grats Stif :$ 

  12. Skatel


    Hola. Si usted ya tiene un ticket creado sobre este problema lo unico que le queda hacer es esperar, sea paciente estoy seguro que pronto usted pronto va obetener una respuesta. Recuerde que crear un tema aqui te ayudara a obtener mas informacion pero no acelerara el proceso de obtener una respuesta. Aqui podras mirar los departamentos con retrasos: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Ticket_times Buena suerte.
  13. Better alone.. Until someone arrives and shows you that it is better to be accompanied.

  14. Inner: Outer: Button Color: #f53cfd
  15. Inner: Outer: Button color: #ffe4c4 Inner [2] Outer [2] Button color: #5e114c
  16. Skatel


    Exactly, you could include a option to turn it off as macro maybe $mentionsfriends=off or $mentionsf=off
  17. Skatel

    Gag issue

    Apparently no longer a bug @LaFleur
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