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  1. PCGroup 2.0 (NEW !!)

    Pc Group. What would be with this new power the possibility of sending messages to several friends in your contact list that will be made available a field to mark the desired friend to receive the message. In case you can choose how many friends you need to send a single message, for example: Today you will have the launch of the new power, or you can also make announcements such as: Today you will have draws of xats, day and powers in my xat room. with. As well you can use any type of message you want! @Cleon @LaFleur @Solange . Click to see beter:
  2. ZodiacFX

    I really liked this suggestion and hope that in the near future we can have a new power zodiac, I also sent a suggestion of zodiac2 please have a look and maybe you can take some advantage of my suggestion.
  3. Advanced members

    I really liked your suggestion @Solange. And I hope it can be considered in the near future.
  4. Shark Power

    Very good idea and the demonstration was perfect, congratulations and I hope this power is released in the near future !!! @iSanty
  5. FlashHat

    Hoi Solange; Look this project please . @Solange
  6. Make the IllusionFX pawn unlimited.

    Maybe can used this effect on my idea FlashHat , i can put this effect als unlimited. Please guyz just look the suggestion on FlashHat.

    Very good job !!! @Mihay
  8. Sandfx

    Maybe I could use that kind of effect too :

    How would it work, it would be like the yellow card, but to use the yellow card you have to be a moderator or owner in xat, and with the blacklist this would not be necessary, you would put the desired person on your blacklist and the power symbol only it would appear to you in the pawn of that desired user. @Crow, @BRABO
  10. Sandfx

    I'll also think of other animation options.
  11. Sandfx

    I was also thinking something like that, like a sand clock effect, I made a quick gif to try to show just what the idea was:
  12. Sandfx

    My idea is for a new power with the name of Sandfx. This power would leave the smiles fading and appearing as if it were sand and could command a scale of 1 to 5 to control the speed of the sand effect on the smile. @Admin , @ANGY , @Cupim , @LaFleur , @Cambio .
  13. FlashHat

    If you have problems like the lights and animations, I suggest that for your head no longer have these problems, that you leave the world xat.com !!!
  14. FlashHat

    If you don't like color you don't have to go to xat.com world , because evrything is about that , but i think this idea it's very good for new action on Hat.
  15. FlashHat

    First of all, thank you for your comment. I would like new ideas for new updates of new functions, you would have some idea share with us I will work so that we can make a better power.