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  1. Hey everybody. This is Njthug, now most of you wont know who I am and that's because I'm actually someone who has quit a while ago but obviously I still lurk on the forum and contribute ideas and suggestions whenever I have a spark of motivation (with the alias, njthug). So a little background on who I am, I have been using xat since 2008 and I have basically grown up on it, and it's been almost 10 years now, it's probably the main reason why I still hang around. Throughout my time on xat, I have made a lot of friends, I have achieved main owner on an official chat, I have witnessed the data breach, the trade economy going boom and I have witnessed the community outcry. Today, I am announcing that I will be leaving xat entirely, this include posting content on the forum and keeping track of whatever it is doing in the future. I would be lying if I said I'm quitting xat because I don't have the time or I'm simply too busy irl, but that's honestly not the case - the truth is, I don't like the direction xat is going. It's became very apparent to me that no matter what anyone does or says, it will be in vain. The admins need to have a willingness to make changes, stop being stubborn and try things. Take part in the community you've created more. The community sucks, individually I'm sure you're all great people. But when you come together as a collective, you turn into sheeps, following the opinions of one person, whether it's right or wrong, this causes a toxic environment. Ranks do not mean everything, you're still a human behind that monitor, take a step back and look at what you're doing holistically. Accept the fact admins aren't going to partake in a lot of things, most things can be done by the community if you have the drive for it. It means, stop being reactive and be proactive, change what you want to see and stop waiting on someone else to do it. I don't have any expertise on photoshopping, but my all my suggestion threads came about from sheer motivation, because I wanted to create something that could benefit xat, heck I even learned how to create and edit gifs just for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it now feels like I've wasted a lot of my time. My suggestions for anyone who wants to check them out: medals and achievements, changelogs bugfixes and updates, xat desktop application, community clubs, easier smiley matching and report system. What am I doing now? I have been using discord a lot more since leaving xat and the main reason for that is because discord community is a lot bigger, it has a lot more common interests people can find and relate to, whereas if you look at xat, if you're English like me, there are only so many chats you can go on and if you don't have interest in them, you just straight up don't use the service, for example chats like roleplaying, anime, radio and trading. It limits my options very much, not many chats I enjoy going on anymore basically (with all my friends leaving, aswell, I just don't have a place anymore). That was my original reason for quitting xat, but now I'm quitting it entirely, including the forum. I made this thread to share my thoughts and experiences before I take my leave. You don't have to agree or disagree, but I'm just throwing it out there. Truthfully, I have lost my faith in any changes to come, but maybe one day I'll return on my main account to see if xat is still doing well. But for now, it's been a nice ride, I wish xat and everyone the best of luck in the future. Goodbye.
  2. There are a million things I can say that xat is doing wrong, but it wouldn't be appropriate for this thread. Numerous threads have popped up in the past regarding issues of xat also. What I'm saying is that xat making epic powers limited is unrealistic, it's disadvantageous to them, especially when we're talking about popular powers like namecolor and purple. You don't fix trade economy by throwing a temporary bandaid on. One of the biggest reasons trade isn't doing well is because all the old traders left due to not being able to make worth while profit. And the reason they aren't making worth while profit, is because the userbase has been dying out and hence less of a demand for powers all together. If you want to return trade prices back to close to their store prices, admins need to fix their service first, enough to satisfy people.
  3. Unfortunately, from the stand-point of xat, making epic powers limited would be a horrible business decision and therefore unlikely to happen. It would be a temporary bandaid, but only in the short term. You have to realise the underlining problem, that users are quitting because they aren't satisfied with how xat is choosing to run their service, trade economy is the result of the aftermath. Fix that and slowly trade will return back to its former glory. @Admin
  4. This is also called two step authentication, which we already have with the tickle feature. If you're still concerned about security issues, then it's recommended you enable two step authentication on your mail provider too. (Gmail two step works by sending you a number via SMS, that you need to login.) Seems like a lot of trouble for xat and not enough benefits to justify it, especially since there are solid alternatives that does a much better job. I can only imagine the amount of people that will get locked out because of broken or lost. If you lose two step authentication with Google mail, I can promise you it is faster to get resolved than through xat support.
  5. Realmadrid and Angelo, thank you for the kind and thoughtful replies. To your cons respectively Spam is probably the main issue I see from this, but as long as you don't give attention to the trolls and ignore the reports, I doubt they will continue. Besides ticklespamming is aganst the rules at help, sending false reports can be too. This is why in the screenshot of gcontrol options, I specifically included 'guest registered' only, prevents random toons from sending reports. It's not a nice conversation to have, everytime I see someone attempting to report someone, they ask the moderator to pc them and then the moderator asks you why you want to pc them, forces you to openly admit what your intentions are. It sounds easy enough, but some people don't like being called a 'snitch'. The best solution would just have moderators moderate the chat, but this idea is to help facilitate staffing, not completely resolve it. It also helps when staff members are away from keyboard. Powers that can be easily abused should not be free, for example boot (imagine every owner having the ability to boot). This feature is exclusive, not a need. Also if we're being realistic, this will never be made unless it's a group power which can be sold through store. Yup, it definitely needs more fine-tuning and consideration. I make things on the spur of the moment and it's definitely a work in progress. Edit: To Nixs, I think you would be surprised with the amount of people who would lend their help if you gave an easier method of doing so. But obviously, it entices trolls as well, but that's just how it is. Thanks for replying. (:
  6. Basically a group power designed to help facilitate staffing on chatrooms. The power enables users to report others if they believe they've broken any rules, it helps prevent backseating and saves the trouble of pcing staff members (especially when they have nopc!) Reports will send out a notification to online staff members, this also helps when staff members are busy and can't look at the chat to moderator 24/7. In the gif, you can see an area for additional information to add, users can add details and screenshots. The gif above shows how moderators or owners would view the reports, hopefully it doesn't look too aesthetically displeasing. I couldn't think of any other places where you could easily access the reports. I'm aware that tab is used for tickle messages, but if you hover over it, it's intended to be a notification tab. If it wasn't obvious enough, I differentiated the colours of a tickle and a report (tickle alerts are green, the one in the gifs are red). Maybe a separate webpage that stores all reports would be cool too, enables the main owner to view on a later date. Gcontrol settings, in order to prevent abuse: Minimum rank to use report can be changed to e.g. member registered only. Report time cooldown just means, the interval between each reports you can make (to prevent mass spam). Who can receive notifications e.g. mods only, owners only or main only. Blacklisted users, a list used to prevent anyone who consistently send reports. As usual, feel free to give feedback.
  7. After a brief look over the suggestion section, these threads stood out: @Charles @Dann @oj Good job guys.
  8. Njthug


    You're right, I was overthinking things. Disabling the power should be good enough as a toggle off.
  9. Njthug


    I think the idea is sound, but the way you presented it is bad, it looks too clunky and takes up far too much room. So here's my compromise: https://i.imgur.com/psxZeSd.gif The design looks far cleaner and serves almost the same purpose, again this should be a function power (not a free feature), this way reduces complaints about lag and will only be present if the user toggles it on. It's not optimal, but for now setting the smileys can be done using macros e.g. $fline=smile,wink,biggrin,mad,cry2 I don't mind the name multiline, but the for the sake of fitting with my design, it should be called be called fline or favline; standing for favourite smiley line. It would be great if it were to be able to store smiley combinations aswell (not just a singular smiley, but maybe I'm asking for too much). To address the issue being able to togge off, it should be done similiar to how you assign a group power: typing (fline) and clicking to toggle on/off. https://i.imgur.com/fZ0Y9kH.png https://i.imgur.com/Ya3hUa0.png (special thanks to charlie for helping me obtain these screenshots) Again, it links in with my other thread allowing users to easier access smileys and powers (which is again, is the main reason xat separates from other chat services).
  10. We have over 400 powers, most of them will have at least 10-20 emojis/smileys. Being able to easily find and match emoji(s) would be a great addition and hence why I'm proposing this feature: https://i.imgur.com/I5h6O8e.gif If the gif wasn't obvious enough, it works after you type ( + a character, it then searches through all the smileys available to you and lists them according to the characters you type. E.g. (example using power names only) (l --> lovetest lovefx lovemix2 lovehug lovemix lions lunar luck ladybug led lang love link light (lo -> lovetest lovefx lovemix2 lovehug lovemix love Pros: Enables users to easily match and or find smileys they are looking for Encourage users to actively use the smiley powers they have purchased Possibly encourage other users to buy powers (after seeing their friends use one, per se) Help new users to understand how to use smileys Better than looking through wiki, bot or that ugly smiley tab Cons: Aesthetically pleasing? Takes up space in typing area Possible increase of lag There are a lot of smileys, maybe not enough room Some might find it as an inconvient Notes: There should be an option to turn off this feature. The smileys that appear should only appear if the user has availability to that smiley (e.g. if I don't own the power for zodiac, don't show the smileys listed in zodiac). For new users, it would include all the default free smileys. Opens up the idea of having "recently used" and "favourite" smileys. If there are too many smileys, scroll bar could look something like this. It could possibly start matching after 2 characters of letters, to ensure it doesn't take too much space. This feature should have been added long ago. It's being used on other services who has emojis too, it is especially important xat has this feature because of how prevalent powers are to its core service. I don't know if this suggestion has been made before. But regardless, if you want to share your thoughts or provide any more pros or cons, go ahead. Heavy inspirations from discord & multiline from sjbb.
  11. The current design doesn't make things difficult to search, it's just a few simple clicks. The argument that I'm making is that the new widgets brings virtually nothing to the table. Before, recently posted and trending threads was at least, a neat feature I (and a lot of people) enjoyed, it made viewing things easier. I check the forum regularly and whenever I see someone has posted say, within the last 10 minute, I could just scroll down the bottom and see a preview, then decide whether it's worth opening the entire thread to read the post or not (most of the time will be the latter, since there are a lot of junk on the forum I couldn't care less about). I think the better question would be: What does showing forum/member statistics actually accomplish? Instead of belittling the old widgets, we should look at what benefits the new widgets reaps. I said it before and I'll say it again, we shouldn't make changes for the sake of making changes. I don't see anyone expressing the usefulness of the statistics. Hopefully this isn't taken the wrong way, but it feels as if a discussion was held privately and a mutual decision was made amongst the group, now /they/'re too stubborn to realise it's not the best of decisions and is stubborn to revert.
  12. If the activity page is your solution behind the removal of recent post, you might as well suggest that going through each section would have a similar effect. It's about the ease of viewing, there's no universal where you could make the argument that knowing the total amount of members registered is of greater importance than seeing what has been recently posted. If it's not a big deal, then I would highly recommend reconsidering, there's been more complaints about the removal of recently posted feature than positive feedback for the addition of the statistics. You don't make changes for the sake of making changes.
  13. I have no idea why they were removed in the first place. Recent post is without a doubt more useful than the statistics; who cares if we have x amount of users, when 99% of them are inactive (not exaggerating either). I'm a mobile user and I'll take a minute at most to look if anything remotely interesting is posted, I can't stress how helpful the recent post feature was. Please replace or at the very least, bring back the recent post feature. Thanks.
  14. hey its me ur brother. I want to bring another suggestion, similar to what we have on the forum already which we call clubs, instead we can implement it within the chatbox and change its name to community, hell yeah I'm original, sit down boys and girls. First and foremost the concept of community A community would be a collective group of users, with common interests or personalities . Much like how the forum club functions, you could have either public or private communities in which users can choose to join. In terms of xat, a community could be a group dedicated to a certain subject or theme, such as game, graphics, xattest, social which are pretty much self explanatory. How to access clubs through xat chat For now, you can access them through clicking on your name on the chat. https://i.imgur.com/tic7cO7.png A brief explanation of the screenshot, you can see a button for communities, this is how you access your communities (other users communities can be viewable aswell, which I'll address in a bit) But if you get invited to a club, an icon would show to indiciate you have a new notification and once opened, goes away. https://i.imgur.com/87ClYVb.png Viewing other users' communities You also have the ability to view other users communities, by simply clicking on them, then clicking on communities. https://i.imgur.com/A5EbliD.png You should also notice that I have added an extra line after "on xat moderator subscriber married not added you as a friend", this part is one the cooler things behind this idea, you would be able to show off your communities on your 'profile' page (or whatever u want to call that), if you have joined multiple communities, you can still choose which one you would like to display and represent. Hopefully this makes joining certain communities have exclusivabilities. But of course, you would have the option to display none (or how it would be by default if you haven't joined a community). And when you do click another users communities, it would bring up another interface shown in the screenshot below. https://i.imgur.com/pmQzA69.png You can view what communities someone is apart of and also who gave invite request. By clicking "view", you can get more information about the community. For example, if you would click view next to chat, you would get something like this: https://i.imgur.com/CLRyErS.png All off the stuff will be editable by main owner of the community, they can put whatever they feel fit in the box, as well as change the avatar to best represent their community. I would assume most people would put what their community is about, a short paragraph. Maybe in the future, we could also have banners on the same area to better represent a community. But when you're giving users the ability to upload their own content, you should be aware of anything inappropriate (a simple report button can solve it). Notifications and invite requests https://i.imgur.com/Vd83H2I.png Here you can choose whether you want to ignore an invite or to accept it and become part of the community. If you look at the screenshot, you can see I have included an option to browse all communities, which could lead to a separate web page that would list the communities and maybe even have an area where main owners could write a description. Invite permissions Main owner of a community can give invite permissions to people within the community, which would give them access to certain permissions like invite, kick or even demotion. And maybe have an option in gcontrol to change this, which would also mean setting up a community would require a power (which seems reasonable, if you don't want everyone to be flooding with new communities). Notes: Users will have the ability to create a community only if they are the creator of said group You cannot choose the community name, it has to be whatever your group chat's name is, however, you do have the ability to change information in regards to the community, for example descriptions, information box and avatars (or any images relating to it). Maybe having community ranks and abilities to promote, demote and kick other users (or perhaps have the ranks entirely same as what it is in the chat). Invite permission can be changed on gcontrol, meaning you can invite if you're a moderator of a community for example Have an option to make your members list for a community private or public (maybe even have the ability to make certain communities you're apart of hidden) The word community can be changed to clubs or whatever fits your perference I suppose Maybe in the future, having possibility of community inboxes (mails only can be read if you're part of the community or even have reached a certain rank within the community) You can ignore the medals throughout this presentation, it was used in my last thread but I was too lazy to remove, so unlucky mate. Let me know your thoughts, spent a total around maybe 2-3 hours on those photoshopping, needless to say I'm tired and I just wanted to post this before I go. I haven't proof-read anything or checked if screenshots are appropriate, but hopefully I didn't mess anything up.
  15. ey its ur boi njthug, coming in hot w/ another suggestion I think eventually this will be made, but I strongly urge that it's done sooner rather than later. It's a lot easier having a desktop application, rather than having to open a browser. Most of the time, browsers like chrome will lag a lot more because of the additional extensions I and most people have downloaded (one that everyone has, adblocker), maybe even set the application to open upon startup. the design that is linked has been created within like 20 minutes and is heavily inspired by the discord theme, but it's just a preview, I'm sure xat developers can add cooler stuff, like game applications, areas to purchase powers, camera etc. hopefully, this will be the next major project after xat mobile development is finished (idk when that will be tbh lol) https://i.imgur.com/BWviy56.png leave your thoughts, suggestions pls, thank u oh ye, the laptop desktop is taken from credit goes to my man, alexander99
  16. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this, if you could further elaborate, that would be great. When I brought up the percentage of 10.5%, that's based off having 190 total powers (20 of them being gold, and the rest allpowers, 20/190), you would greatly profit from this, only if the selection was random. I think having rarity rates for each individual power would be interesting, but that's not what op suggested. It would also cause a great deal of complexity, trying to figure out a fair percentage for each power, especially the ones for epics. It would require a substantial amount of thorough checking to make sure no possible exploits could be abused and you would need a strong understanding of how it would affect xat trading economies (and not willy-dilly release an epic pawn for 100,000 xats, that sure helped xat trading economy, hell yeah /s). It needs to be somewhat beneficial to users and xat also, there needs to be an incentive for users to buy 'sellback', if the rarity rates are too low, there would be no point to even buying, for example. Maybe for once-in-a-lifetime occasion for blackfriday, where the power is released for only a limited amount of time and would benefit users moreso than it does to xat (and maybe restore what trading was like a few years back). But the idea honestly seems too difficult to pull off, and has too many opportunities for exploitation if not thoroughly thought through. But yeah, the idea definitely isn't unviable.
  17. I went ahead and did the maths and allpowers in store prices cost a total of 37,817 xats, containing a total of 170 powers currently. That means, on average, a power from allpowers will cost 222.45 xats (store price). I used fexbot store prices, so there is a possibility that some store prices aren't recorded accurately, since they take store prices from last release (and not the original release). If you use the premise that it would only refund powers listed in allpowers, then it would be fine, but for this idea to be viable for xat, it would ideally have to cost more than 222.45 xats. Naturally it wouldn't be as profitable as a weekly power, because you are receiving xats back (say everyone who bought the power, would also use its ability and refund another, the earnings would breakeven, if xat charges on average 222 xats, in a perfect world of course). But under the suggested premise, where you could refund any power in your powerlist as long as you have allpowers too, it wouldn't work. Imagine a scenario where you have 170p (allpowers), and then like 20 gold, it means you have a 10.5% chance of refunding gold, which just wont work. Not the mention, this power is very exclusive to the small minority of xat (if you have allpowers only). I generally think the concept is good, but execution is bad. To improve trading economies, we need to start by removing all the mass junk powers we already have and start with quality over quantity, but this isn't how we do it.
  18. Additional to this, you could even have medals for group chats. https://i.imgur.com/LeCHZRr.png https://i.imgur.com/cahYGwn.png Have milestone achievements (similar to stats really), to keep track of your lifetime chat group goals. For example: Total time spent on chat group collectively: 2,430 hours. Most active user Njthug (123123123). Total messages: 324,734 lines. Most users online at once: 56 users.
  19. A request for developers(admins) to add monthly change logs. It's a really simple suggestion and it can be easily done if the admins choose to. I'm asking for an hour of your time, once a month, to sit down and write what changes you've done, it could include changes, bugfixes or even what you plan on working on in the following months. It doesn't have to be a 9 page essay, just something short and simple. It helps us understand what you've been working on, and maybe even get excited about future updates. But most importantly, it shows you still care. @Admin
  20. I was thinking of a system that could benefit new users and really help them understand how xat functions. You know in games, where they have achievements that you can unlock? Why not try that with xat. I understand that game achievements differ greatly from how chatrooms function, most of the time, they will have levels and experience that you can get from the achievements. But I think the real purpose of this idea would be to teach new users, step by step, the features of xat. From typing in the chat, changing name, avatar to creating your own chat group. Take a look, my photoshopping skills are dank. http://i.imgur.com/JlNv6L9.png If you take a look at the screenshot, those are some basic achievements you can get through this system. Some of you may have notice at the bottom, that I have included a rewards, I think the system would work immensely well if xat would add some very basic rewards, such as permanent hats that can be obtained through earning, say 20 medals. I'm not asking for anything fancy, just something to give people an incentive to do medals. Possible rewards (call me out on my bs, if something wont work) 10 medals, permanent hat (something simple and only unlockable through the medals system) 20 medals, 5 days (that's not too much to ask, is it? it wont kill xat's economy, right?) 30 medals, give out the power (winner), add do the quiz as one of the achievements. (fix it xat) 40 medals, give out 10 days complete all medals, this might be too far fetched, but maybe let user choose from a select few powers (namely nameglow, status or hat, if it wont affect trade economy too much) Keep in mind that all rewards earned through this system are none-tradeable. To access the medals page, you can find it on the games tab (hopefully xat does something to bring more attraction to the system, say if it were to be implemented) http://i.imgur.com/KHGdFl8.png http://i.imgur.com/PFfNzfr.png To bring even more attraction, you could have badges on people's profile (when you click them, I mean) for example: http://i.imgur.com/A4mYhTp.png I'm no graphics expert, but I'm sure xat could draw a fancy ribbon or something to declarate how many medals they've achieved. Please remember that all the ideas above are in early stages of development, it's the concept you should be looking whether it would work or not, and not nit-pick on specifics, like what stages should we give rewards out. If I can think of something else to add, I'll edit the post. But tell me your thoughts so far. I'll take all criticisms, this seems like something that would need a lot of discussions.
  21. I don't think said user deleted her account, you can find it on the 10th page (also linked on the first post). My presumption is that one of the volunteers or the forum moderator did this on purpose, out of respect to IllustreConvidado, who I presume created the very first animal related thread. But in my opinion, doesn't really make sense not to have the content page at the beginning. I also don't believe that having this thread stickied serves much of a purpose, which I've touched on in my previous post. As for the holiday sticky threads, I really don't think this is needed, considering if you take a brief gander at the thread, most of the replies are just people memeing around. The actual suggestions that are posted aren't taken into consideration and made, again serves no real purpose. As well as a severe lack of activity. I'll take your words for it, but I think there are a lot of things that still could be done to improve xat, but that's an entire can of worms for another time and topic. But I'm glad you agree with parts of what I said. So let's continue the breakdown of the other sections: I wont discuss the sticky threads in the mobile section, mainly because I lack the knowledge in that area to understand what needs to be stickied and what does not. General Discussion xat.chat Fireside Interviews Last posted April 6th. I like the concept of this thread, and I understand that articulating interviews take time and effort. But if the original creator of this has lost his passion to continue interviews, then I'd rather have this thread unstickied or have it opened up to the community, where others can be the interviewer. There has been no news of Steven's interview, even though it was announced on August 21. So in reality, the last interview was 7 months ago, cmonbruh. xat facebook I think this thread is actually ok to keep, considering it's an outlet for what is supposed to be the official xat facebook page. It's also being updated regularly on the facebook (credit to whoever is behind the scenes doing it), with information about new powers. But we have to question what happened to all the passion everyone had when this project first launched. We had ideas, contests and artworks made to promote it. But as of recent months, it seems like everyone's given up, which is really sad, considering what it could've been. Contests and Events This section is perfectly fine, it contains a single sticky thread with information you need to start your contest. The only recommendation I would have, is for another sticky threads, containing a guide to what the common procedures of a contest people could do. From chat backgrounds, pcbacks, trivia, lottery to even find and hunt type. Graphics & ID Marketplace Both sections, seems fine too. For the graphics section, the point of the sticky threads are used to provide resources for users, and does just that. And in my opinion, does a really good job of it, credit to the people willing to make and share their work for the community, u the real mvp. For the ID Marketplace, I would personally suggest adding a sticky threads with the rules and procedures of selling/buying id, of which is already written on the rules. But would probably be more beneficial to have it stickied aswell for easy exposure. Possible suggestions: For general discussion, it could be fun to have daily discussion sometimes regarding very trivial things and sometimes, xat related things. Of which the forum moderator could facilitate, maybe like sticky one discussion thread each week or something? It could be simple things like, "what do you think about xat's [x] feature?" I think it'll be healthy having discussions like these, gives an insight from what the community thinks and to be honest, brings us closer together. For contests and events section, maybe you could enlist another sticky threads, which guides how to host and play certain contests and what the common procedures are, possibilly to help new users.
  22. I was hoping we would have more of a discussion. But I guess I'll take the first stepping stone to opening this discussion. I'll break it down, section-by-section: (jk, I'll discuss the other sections later when I have free time) Suggestions Suggest an Animal Power Last posted Aug 12. And I'm also pretty sure someone messed up the merging as the content page is on 10th page (I understand you want to make it corresponding to when the threads were dated, but it makes no sense from a user's perspective). Having a sticky threads for animals is outdated and realistically speaking, no smiley makers will take inspiration from it. And even if an animal power were to be made, chances are it would be out of luck and has no real connection to the suggestion. And looking at the xats-to-do-list, hedgehog was the only animal power that was suggested and actually made. My personal belief is that quality over quantity, making animal powers is not what we should be striving for, especially with recent complaints about the amount of powers we have already, low trade prices and the general lackluster effort from xat. I think it would serve a purpose, if this was a year ago, where animal power threads were popping up daily which sought the reason of a megathread. But I don't think that is the case anymore, considering the activity of the thread speaks for itself, the last suggestion was made in July 16th. Xat's to-do-list This thread should stay with the amount of efforts that's been put forward into it. And with Lafleur's continuous dedication to updating it. But this sticky thread would be so much more purposeful, if admins took the time and effort into looking at it and not busy posting star war gifs and asking for top 5 things that he needs to fix to make the community happy, but that's my 2 cents, the fault really lies with them. But keeping it stickied for reference isn't the end of the world. Suggest a Holiday Power Last posted Jun 2. The activity is low, only 2 pages of content over a year. And having a brief look over the thread, I don't think a single suggestion was made. Removing sticky threads does not mean you can't make individual threads about certain holidays, unless we have insurmountable contents regarding holidays, there is no need for it to be stickied. Suggest Hats "We will be adding some new permanent hats for the hat power, so suggest here your ideas." How's that going? Posted a year and a half ago, any new hats? Nice meme bro. Not only that, but it's locked. What's the point for members, when we can't post in it? Junior or whoever wants to make new hats can always take reference from the thread, but there's no need to have it stickied. I get it, I'm suggesting to remove a lot of sticky threads without any restoration, but I think it looks cleaner and opens up the possibility of having new sticky threads, that we can discuss on a later date. (If I don't mention a sticky threads, it probably means it's self explanatory to keep) Feel free to disagree, or give your opinion on the matter. I'm easily swayed if the validity of your content is good, don't be so defensive to prove a point, this is an opening discussion. Thanks!
  23. Removing stickied threads that are no longer relevant or needed. Some sticky threads are crucial to the subforum, which is absolutely fine to keep. But right now, we have a lot of stickied threads that just aren't relevant, sitting around collecting dust. I think having a system where sticky threads are changed monthly is nice, to whatever topic is deemed important at the time, for the sake of keeping up with relevancy. It helps facilitate discussions between users and xat. After reading the thread about contributors, you could even have monthly discussions about changes on xat and have it stickied (for that period of time). Maybe it's just a pet-peeve of mine. But what do you think?
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