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  1. Hey everybody. This is Njthug, now most of you wont know who I am and that's because I'm actually someone who has quit a while ago but obviously I still lurk on the forum and contribute ideas and suggestions whenever I have a spark of motivation (with the alias, njthug). So a little background on who I am, I have been using xat since 2008 and I have basically grown up on it, and it's been almost 10 years now, it's probably the main reason why I still hang around. Throughout my time on xat, I have made a lot of friends, I have achieved main owner on an official chat, I have witnesse
  2. There are a million things I can say that xat is doing wrong, but it wouldn't be appropriate for this thread. Numerous threads have popped up in the past regarding issues of xat also. What I'm saying is that xat making epic powers limited is unrealistic, it's disadvantageous to them, especially when we're talking about popular powers like namecolor and purple. You don't fix trade economy by throwing a temporary bandaid on. One of the biggest reasons trade isn't doing well is because all the old traders left due to not being able to make worth while profit. And the reaso
  3. Unfortunately, from the stand-point of xat, making epic powers limited would be a horrible business decision and therefore unlikely to happen. It would be a temporary bandaid, but only in the short term. You have to realise the underlining problem, that users are quitting because they aren't satisfied with how xat is choosing to run their service, trade economy is the result of the aftermath. Fix that and slowly trade will return back to its former glory. @Admin
  4. This is also called two step authentication, which we already have with the tickle feature. If you're still concerned about security issues, then it's recommended you enable two step authentication on your mail provider too. (Gmail two step works by sending you a number via SMS, that you need to login.) Seems like a lot of trouble for xat and not enough benefits to justify it, especially since there are solid alternatives that does a much better job. I can only imagine the amount of people that will get locked out because of broken or lost. If you lose two step authentication with
  5. Realmadrid and Angelo, thank you for the kind and thoughtful replies. To your cons respectively Spam is probably the main issue I see from this, but as long as you don't give attention to the trolls and ignore the reports, I doubt they will continue. Besides ticklespamming is aganst the rules at help, sending false reports can be too. This is why in the screenshot of gcontrol options, I specifically included 'guest registered' only, prevents random toons from sending reports. It's not a nice conversation to have, everytime I see someone attempting to report someone
  6. Basically a group power designed to help facilitate staffing on chatrooms. The power enables users to report others if they believe they've broken any rules, it helps prevent backseating and saves the trouble of pcing staff members (especially when they have nopc!) Reports will send out a notification to online staff members, this also helps when staff members are busy and can't look at the chat to moderator 24/7. In the gif, you can see an area for additional information to add, users can add details and screenshots. The gif above sh
  7. After a brief look over the suggestion section, these threads stood out: @Charles @Dann @oj Good job guys.
  8. Njthug


    You're right, I was overthinking things. Disabling the power should be good enough as a toggle off.
  9. Njthug


    I think the idea is sound, but the way you presented it is bad, it looks too clunky and takes up far too much room. So here's my compromise: https://i.imgur.com/psxZeSd.gif The design looks far cleaner and serves almost the same purpose, again this should be a function power (not a free feature), this way reduces complaints about lag and will only be present if the user toggles it on. It's not optimal, but for now setting the smileys can be done using macros e.g. $fline=smile,wink,biggrin,mad,cry2 I don't mind the name multiline, but the for the sake of fittin
  10. We have over 400 powers, most of them will have at least 10-20 emojis/smileys. Being able to easily find and match emoji(s) would be a great addition and hence why I'm proposing this feature: https://i.imgur.com/I5h6O8e.gif If the gif wasn't obvious enough, it works after you type ( + a character, it then searches through all the smileys available to you and lists them according to the characters you type. E.g. (example using power names only) (l --> lovetest lovefx lovemix2 lovehug lovemix lions lunar luck ladybug led lang love link light (lo -> lo
  11. The current design doesn't make things difficult to search, it's just a few simple clicks. The argument that I'm making is that the new widgets brings virtually nothing to the table. Before, recently posted and trending threads was at least, a neat feature I (and a lot of people) enjoyed, it made viewing things easier. I check the forum regularly and whenever I see someone has posted say, within the last 10 minute, I could just scroll down the bottom and see a preview, then decide whether it's worth opening the entire thread to read the post or not (most of the time will be the lat
  12. If the activity page is your solution behind the removal of recent post, you might as well suggest that going through each section would have a similar effect. It's about the ease of viewing, there's no universal where you could make the argument that knowing the total amount of members registered is of greater importance than seeing what has been recently posted. If it's not a big deal, then I would highly recommend reconsidering, there's been more complaints about the removal of recently posted feature than positive feedback for the addition of the statistics.
  13. I have no idea why they were removed in the first place. Recent post is without a doubt more useful than the statistics; who cares if we have x amount of users, when 99% of them are inactive (not exaggerating either). I'm a mobile user and I'll take a minute at most to look if anything remotely interesting is posted, I can't stress how helpful the recent post feature was. Please replace or at the very least, bring back the recent post feature. Thanks.
  14. hey its me ur brother. I want to bring another suggestion, similar to what we have on the forum already which we call clubs, instead we can implement it within the chatbox and change its name to community, hell yeah I'm original, sit down boys and girls. First and foremost the concept of community A community would be a collective group of users, with common interests or personalities . Much like how the forum club functions, you could have either public or private communities in which users can choose to join. In terms of xat, a community could be a group dedicated t
  15. ey its ur boi njthug, coming in hot w/ another suggestion I think eventually this will be made, but I strongly urge that it's done sooner rather than later. It's a lot easier having a desktop application, rather than having to open a browser. Most of the time, browsers like chrome will lag a lot more because of the additional extensions I and most people have downloaded (one that everyone has, adblocker), maybe even set the application to open upon startup. the design that is linked has been created within like 20 minutes and is heavily inspired by the discord theme, but it's just
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