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  1. I hope to finish my programming codes before the end of the year
  2. When will we be better than this?

  3. StatusFade

    I like this suggestion. it is very clear the function of this power, although like any suggestion always in the forgetfulness.
  4. PcAnimate

    This interesting, this suggestion is not bad at all.
  5. KingFrog - Indian

    This suggestion is not bad at all. Now it would be better to add a power: Representative of the royal nobility, with the divisions of each rank: king, queen, prince, etc. Now this king toad is very good.
  6. Where are you going to go at Christmas? Hello everyone. I want to know to what places they plan to go or where and with whom they plan to spend Christmas, if they go to a special place, or what is traditional in the family?
  7. Recognition of devices

    I approve this, EXACTLY IN THE SAME WAY YOU SAY IT. This is similar to how FACEBOOK works when you access a new device, it gives you the option to save the location where you go, for a future.
  8. If your mind spoke what your heart would shut up

    1. Guppy
    2. Rida
    3. Sonic


      If you speak what your heart Shuts up HAHAHA

  9. Trade mains ?

    I just laughed with the comments, a user said to go to another chat to buy it and return ... When the finesse of an official chat is to be more accessible to the user, not privatize it or deny it a service. Rather they are keeping the right of who can participate in the room. I SUPPORT THIS SUGGESTION TO MODIFY THIS.

    This suggestion is not bad, the only thing would be to group the new smilies, through a drop-down option, so as not to lose the essence of the 12 predetermined smilies.
  11. A soldier in time of peace.

    1. ANGY


      A soldier is a hero, even if he loses the war.

    2. Sonic


      Even when we lose, we win

  12. xat NEEDS to advertise, and something else

    I have read that it is not the function of the volunteers to answer the tickets, I think they do it because of an obligation to help and make it easier to use the user's attention. Everything is always the fault of the volunteers, but what about the administration? A soldier in peacetime ... Simply, this will be forgotten as all the issues that have been published, only have a small importance at the time it starts. Then it is forgotten.
  13. Sushi power

    All of this suggestion I like, and support. This would be nice if someone is responsible for creating this smilies

    I support this, in total, it is much better to block all the links or just leave what is allowed: xat.com ticket host to upload images etc. This is because many users do not know all the pages that can cause damage and can scam you.