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  1. unfair ban on help

    Hey guys, i didn't say nothing inapp, i did nothing wrong i was afk and when i checked help again i was banned help please ?
  2. happy bday bb


  3. Feliz aniversário, arthur, muitos anos de vida, saúde e felicidade :d

    1. Arthur


      Muito obrigado!

  4. pls show some love

    1. 6



  5. can't login on help ( banished)

    Thanks for your reply Nix as i said, just check events and you will see that i didn't got banned forever
  6. Hey guys, its been 3 days that i can't login on help when i try to login the xat shows "bannished" but i didn't got banned and i don't use toon accounts so i didn't got banned on a toon account also Can a owner unban me please ? i think its a bug you can check the events to make sure i was not banned forever my username is chupak4br4 (1517769223) thanks felipe
  7. New Years Power Giveaway 2018!

    chupak4br4 (1517769223)
  8. Yum or Yuck ???

    yuck beets ?
  9. xat interviews

    Hey guys, i really liked the xats interviews, when will be the next interview ? can you please interview Lemona or Vicent ?
  10. xat.chat Blog

    Can you please interview Lemona or vincent ? thanks
  11. Feliz aniversário, muita paz, saúde e felicidades !

    1. Dreamer


      Obrigada binino kk

  12. happy birthday, marshall <3

    1. Marshall


      Thank you, memelipe. <3

  13. WIN KSUN + 200 XATS

    chupak4br4 (1517769223)
  14. Chocolate rain♪♩ ♯ |-)

  15. WIN MARK #3 + DAYS

    chupak4br4 (1517769223)