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  1. @Sydno you should do one for me
  2. happy bday love you 

  3. Totally agree because the majority of the Contributors believe they are the big thing here and most of them do hope to reach for volunteer, they dont do <censored>, they are egocentric just because they have a little bit of """attention""" from admin and also about what they get told, we all get to know that sooner or later, its no any big news what they get told honestly But again, it's again too late for this wonderful idea because everyone opinions get ignored, the <censored> nonsense useless one get attention and the good ones ignored, like always ALSO its very
  4. Everything that has carbs is just yummy Gratinated broccoli?
  5. How did you discover your homosexuality? At what age did you do it? I'm not a lesbian, just bisexual I guess. Discovered that at my early 12 years when I lost my female best friend, I realised I didnt had only feelings as a friend, I wanted many stuff. How did you react to the fact that you are gay, by then? Neutral. It's not something that you can control or decide if you want to be so or no, it just happens and when you want to think about it, even if you try avoiding that thought, you just can't. How long did it take you to face the truth and accept
  6. I have never ever dated someone +10 older than me. 0/10 LOL lost all the points
  7. Hello. Agustina (254679714) 1st 2nd
  8. Agustina


    Perfect idea, many of us want old pawns to come back and to be able to use. Would work perfectly if it was like this: Month of October: All Halloween pawns The next month: Idk, Easter
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