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  1. I'm not the best to write messages publicly, but i'll try to write something.


    I'm probably not the best boyfriend that you had in your life and not the best to surprise you for your birthday but even if you are mad at me right now for that, I hope you will like this message (at least) and that you will keep it publicly. Every words that i will say are true and I mean it. Whatever people think/laugh about, I don't care.


    In life, it's not always easy to surprise someone for their birthday especially if they are far from you or if they are not available at the moment. We thought that with a message and beautiful words at the morning, we would make that person happy because we have thought about their birthday but apparently, we need to do hard to make them happy. If we had the luck to be close to each other, don't worry, i'd do everything to make you happy. 


    In my case, I have only xats/whatsapp to do something. I'm trying hard to make the best day for you, but by refusing everything; it makes me the sad man, because a man who tries everything means that person is important to them and you are important to me. You said you are nothing to me, but you are everything to me. It's just hard to express myself to you but you mean everything to me. You just need to understand me as I'm trying to express myself to you.


    Yes sometimes it's hard without fighting but if you take a little time and read my messages slowly, i think you would understand me and accept it as it is. Yes I'm probably an a.... for you, but someone who does their best is someone who cares about their girlfriend. In my case, I care alot about you because i'm doing my best for you and your birthday even if it's a fail already for me. 


    Maybe you think that I don't care about you but in my words, I care. Accept the fact that I care about you because i'm always being honest with you in every situations that we have together. Maybe I can hurt you, but I don't mean the bad words i tell you; they are just temporary in my mind until we can be good again. 




    I have failed to give you a gift in front of you because I didn't ask you to come on xat, but I did the best to give you one so you don't say that I don't spend xats for you and I don't think about you. I hope you like the message and you stop being mad because I mean everything I tell you. I just hope I can do better later to finish your day in a better way like you did for my birthday.



    I feel that people are basically trying to do their best in the world. Even when you see people making mistakes, you understand why they're making a mistake. Everybody has flaws, everybody has demons, everybody has ghosts, but I think you watch people and you see everybody trying to do their best. - Jason Katims


    For the 5th times, I wish you a happy birthday my love ♥ and I hope you turn your bad mood into a good mood so I can continue to try "surprising" you if you give me the chance to do it. 😘 


    Je t'aime. ❤️

    1. DjCrazy


      happy birthdays my twin<33


    2. Candice


      I'm really touched by your kind words and thoughts😍, A single text from you can change my mood at any moment, It’s just amazing to know I crossed your mind for a second.

      It’s a miracle that our relationship grows stronger and stronger each day despite the miles separating us. On my first birthday after getting into a relationship, I wish we could celebrate my birthday together irl.💕

      I Love You❤️

  2. happy birthday my sister i love you(hug)

    1. Candice


      Thank you my twin 🤗, Happy birthday to one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known “U”😘💕

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    This or That ???

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    C4NDY (1509139504)
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    C4NDY (1509139504)
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    C4NDY (1509139504)
  11. Prize received, thank you @iMoHd

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