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  1. no animation does not work on xata any cool power but bad can be done
  2. cool holy St. Patrick's Day / This is what you choose the best to emoticons thank you very much and best regards
  3. hi users give powers fadepawn : Hi, users give fadepawn powers All pawns disappear with cool powers: All pawns disappear with cool powers Fadepawn will be displayed regardless of your chat position. Fadepawn will also be displayed in invisible mode. This pawn will show and disappear and like this pawn https://streamable.com/dsia9 <<< Flick is Video as this pawn changes
  4. Very good nice suggestion cool emoticons i like
  5. Welcome to the Transformice proposal cool + hug Tmicehug + Hug 1. tfmicelove 2.tfmicedance 3.tfmicechase smilies: 1.Tmicryning 2. TmiDance 3.tmicecry 4. Tmisleep HAT: 1. 2.
  6. (KDINO) hello i like this powers nice and congratulations a cool idea with powers
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