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  1. Thank you for your time! It was actually because I was logged in upstairs.... I had actually logged off and tried down stairs and it still didnt work. However, it was just a matter of timing so Im guessing i just need to be logged off for a couple of minutes in order for it to completely realize Im not in an xat anymore. Thats all it was thankfully. Sorry for dragging you through this! I feel extremely illiterate but thank you for the help!
  2. Been searching for awhile and can't seem to find any answer particular with my problem. I have a few theories but here's whats going on. I just moved into spot with a roommate that already has internet established. Its comcast(bleh) but i brought in my computer, hooked up to XAT without any problem. However, there's a computer we have downstairs that does not want to fully connect. Ill jump into a chat, the chat connects, shows everyone in it and me as a guest. As soon as i click on anything in the chat it starts to "Connect" and then gives me the error message of
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