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  1. iNoe

    Gallery - Flake

    You have a pretty nice design, follow that line, do you fund for mobile? I mean in 4K, example for my samsung galaxy note 8
  2. iNoe

    No puedo crear una sala de chat

    Puede crear su grupo de xat aqui : https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/creategroup.php Recuerda tener todos los campos cubiertos correctamente y el nombre de la sala que quiere crear se encuentre disponible.
  3. iNoe

    492 SEASONS

    This time yes, congratulations for the power, it has been very good, as indirect to see if the next can be starwars
  4. iNoe


    Really nice
  5. iNoe


    Good suggestion, but I do not know if with a script in adobe would be possible or even so you should download an official external app of xat
  6. iNoe


    Cambio (34301)
  7. iNoe

    help please I make a payment but not xats

    I answer from my own experience, most Paypal payments are being rejected automatically, probably because xat realized that although they give reserve to buy by this payment gateway, many people produced chargebacks, this will not have a solution , will not let you pay with this method, I recommend you use the other payment gateways. If your paypal is fixed, the payment was automatically returned, upon being rejected.
  8. iNoe

    Big power Unlimited

    The big must not be unlimited, it will damage the trade, if you notice it has taken almost 1 year to recover, the output of the power ruby hurt everything much and now it goes back to trade
  9. iNoe

    489 HIPPOS

    A nice power, no doubt I'll buy it, it's pretty funny, good suggestion.
  10. iNoe


    Good work, it is appreciated that you make drawings and the effort made, it is a good suggestion of power, although I think that for all my comments in other posts I am not supposed to be a fan of new powers, but to complete the previous ones or to take powers with utilities
  11. iNoe

    pc chat buttons color

    I completely agree, but I think it would be better to start already with statusgrad statusflag, since they are powers that are needed! The combination of a good name with a statuscolor the contrast is very ugly, I think it was time to take even a statusgrad @Mike @Cupim @Mihay @LaFleur@Admin I will make a topic in the forum to explain it better
  12. iNoe


    I share the same opinion, I think it is preferable to take powers every 2 weeks but more complete, or spend a few weeks to add smilies to powers that need it
  13. iNoe

    Shortname prices.

    And what about people like me who have a three-letter name, I would like to be able to buy the short name Noe and wear my name
  14. iNoe

    Shortname prices.

    I think the only possible suggestion with the topic of the shortnames is the sale of the short letters of 3 letters, I think it would be a good idea and I'm looking forward to that day, so that the trade remains positive, many people would spend their xats in a 3 letter shortname.
  15. iNoe

    Bloqueo por localizacion

    Debe abrir un ticket en xat.com/ticket con el motivo LOCATION UPDATE : En SUBJET rellenarás el campo con : I need to get my location updated En MESSAGE rellenarás el campo con : Hi, I ‘m trying to activate my Account Locking but I’m unable to because it gives me the error E31. I need to get my location updated so I can turn that option on. Can you help me with this? Thanks. Espero que te sirva de ayuda. UN SALUDO !