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  1. Pomoc Official xat

    As indicated by samuel there is already an international help xat, xat.com/assistance
  2. BlackWidow

    It would be better to complete it with some more images since I do not see it as a possible power, it would be more like something from hallowen or integrate it into a spiderman power
  3. Andoid App Inprovement

    If it is compatible with Android and iOS you can use both, I use an iphone X and a note 8 at the moment, except for errors that I pointed out in the iOS APP in a post, everything works correctly.
  4. Kakkmaddafakka - Restless7
  5. FlashHat

    I think it's a good idea as a new power, limited, but some other function should be added, some special hat apart from changing the color of the used one
  6. 2017 Christmas Chat

    Thank you very much for the information, I will be attentive for the new events
  7. If he were the administrator of xat he would take the following measures: Renewal of the wiki team (since many corrections are incorrect and there are numerous errors) Update of OSTicket to its latest version for better appearance and operation. Take care personally to finalize xat in HTML5 thing that should already be. Increase the number of volunteers or demand a higher performance. Increase the participation of users in the community with contributions. Start with advertising campaigns in google adsense. Create new useful powers (which I reserve for a post). Add new payment systems so that more countries can buy from the official purchase system and not have to resort to external, thus reducing the scams And many more things but I do not want to bore you.

    I think incomplete and ugly, I did not like it.
  9. My recent works

    Good designs although I think they lack a little more depth, they are very flat designs. For the rest I think they have a good quality.
  10. KingFrog - Indian

    Very good idea to add smilies to existing powers, I think it is something that should be done before continuing to take powers, many are incomplete, could include more smilies, thank you very much for the contribution and I hope you have it in mind.
  11. | Fishing Power |

    Good idea, I would add some more but I see it well to get the trade, good contribution Truly the clear example and that could be taken as such to trade
  12. nice boy

    1. Maverick


      Nice girl. 

  13. Iphone or Samsung Galaxy?

    I have the iphone x (I play in a raffle) and I buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, without a doubt the Note 8 is superior to the iphone x in all aspects, Android has surpassed IOs since the departure of the S7, I must also add that IOs 11.1 on devices like the iPhone 7 to practically disabled, they work horrible.
  14. 470 KXMAS

    For 340 too