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  1. don't you think xat needs a pop out for any official announcement?


    not everyone uses forum. not everyone has twitter. not everyone has facebook. not everyone uses xat wiki.


    how would this work?


    when you join a xat (ONLY THE FIRST TIME) a pop out will show up on top of the chat with an official message by admins (or maybe some vols, no wiki editors!)


    is this useful?


    hell yeah it is, otherwise how would you communicate a big announcement to your whole audience? 


    just take the latest id auction as an example, not many people know about it, or the BLACK FRIDAY events. 


    thank you for coming to my TED Talk. i'll be watching replies (not) 

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  2. As Stif said, we are no longer accepting swf players. 


    Make your players HTML! It's easier than Flash, and you don't need any programs to run it. 


    To use the HTML players, just use [radiohtml:SIZE:SIZE:PLAYERCODE]


    Next time, make sure to send a ticket to xatproject.com/sos if you need any more assistance.

  3. 2 hours ago, 1996 said:

    Or make the video be minimized to a small tab the same size as the private chat tabs and be placed with the tab that displays your chat name, so better be replaced, and be minimized to a video tab including some information like the user who sent the video and the name of the video. and you can bring up the video by clicking on the same tab. 

    MDwJPqQ.jpg   dQFZQUy.gif


    You mean this?




    Which you can already do, just double-click to minimize it. 

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