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Bug Comments posted by Leandro

  1. Thank you for reporting this issue.


    We are already aware of it.


    When it gets fixed, an update will be posted.


    Also, the messages are only showing client-side, meaning other people cannot see them.

  2. There is a problem with the server being investigated by xat administrators. This will be fixed soon.

  3. Thank you for reporting the first issue, regarding the ''just now'' message. Also, sometimes you have to sign out and sign in for it to show the real time.


    Regarding the second one, I'm pretty sure that's an expected behaviour, but it could be improved in next versions.


    You'll be notified when the first one gets fixed.

  4. Thank you for reporting this issue.


    Yes, it does happen because Manage power hasn't been added to the HTML5 client yet since it isn't a priority right now.


    When it gets added you'll be notified.

  5. No more steps that I know of. I was just buying some of the user's powers and when I checked their powerlist again, boom. It happened.

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