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  1. Vuelve a subir tu radio y será analizado nuevamente. Si tienes alguna duda con xatRadio, por favor, envía un ticket al lugar indicado: https://xatproject.com/sos/
  2. Thank you young man. I have received my 10k
  3. Leandro


    Only volunteers, mods and admin are staff because they have special tools which Contributors nor the Wiki staff have. Get out of your bubble, you are not going to be added to the staff page.
  4. Gotta say the new Four in a row design looks amazing! That's how xat should code so people won't say it was made by a 10-year old.

    1. Leandro


      @Junior Felicidades, está hermoso. A ver si los administradores te pagan como un programador real y rehaces todo el sitio.

    2. NoSense


      Buy Fade 1900 each

  5. Greedy people disgust me. Shame on yourself @SHAW.
  6. This is a stupid question. Of course, Time Travel.
  7. This is not the place to discuss this. Send a message to the chat's Main Owner here: https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/ownerfeedback.php?GroupName=xat_test
  8. Sure. Let's open a dead chat that will get redirected to Assistance once again in 2 months.
  9. Any Feedback to give about xatRadio? Send a ticket and let us know. https://xatproject.com/sos/

    1. Vevrok


      more supports. always there's someone complaining about xatradio staffs about approve/reject yours players.

  10. If you have no proof of someone stealing your stuff, there's not much xat can do to help you. Next time, keep your computer off.
  11. Prepare.




  12. Thank you Maverick for this kind of information. No one could ever put it as simple as you have.
  13. Hola, Si su reproductor ha sido rechazado, es porque incumple con nuestros términos, los cuales puede ver aquí: https://xatradio.com/terms Como se le ha indicado, para una próxima duda, envíe un ticket de soporte de xatRadio: https://support.xatproject.com/ Gracias.
  14. felis cumpleaños, hijo de tus padres

    1. xLaming


      Gracias slendrina :$

  15. I like the new forum. very cool.



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