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  1. Leandro


    They look smoooth! i love them, specially the KDINOCOOL and KDINOLOVE. i hope they include it. Very good job!
  2. Leandro

    My designs

    Nice job Manu, they look smooth af. i loved the ones you did for test and mundosmilies.
  3. i totally agree with that, people think all they do is create powers but we know that isn't the only thing they do. this will make everyone understand everything they do weekly/monthly on xat to improve it for us. i hope they do it.
  4. recently i began watching a lot more series than movies, and i realized that i didn't have a ''favorite'' series, and i liked them all equally. then i make a list of series than i watched and i decided that my most recent favorite is breaking bad and the ''old'' one was friends. what about you? what's your favorite series of all time?
  5. The first concept of it is a very good idea, because some people have trouble finding that one smiley they love and can't seem to remember the name.
  6. I think i saw a skate power a long time ago, but they didn't consider it because they were looking into the mobile app and stuff, but i think now they can consider it and make it. it looks nice and i liked the pawns a lot.
  7. MarcoAsensio (88801017) lucky number: 56
  8. i'm way too good at goodbyes :'(

  9. Cold weather for sure. Marvel or DC?
  10. It's a very good idea! and the examples you put are very well designed. I think they will surely add this in the future, and if they do, i'm going to collect 'em all.
  11. Leandro


    The idea looks cool and so does the hat. I hope they consider it!
  12. Leandro

    Yum or Yuck ???

    Yum! pineapple on pizza?
  13. Good work! i loved the one you did for Fondos.
  14. I don't have A favourite genre, i love watching horror movies, but then i can start watching a Adam Sandler comedy, ik, the horrible ones, and then i can be watching a 1980-Martin Scorsese film.
  15. Leandro


    MarcoAsensio (88801017)
  16. Leandro

    I never never

    I never never played the ouija board 10/10
  17. Currently i'm watching Ozark, and know that Narcos season 3 just came today, imma watch it too
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