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  1. This thread just keep getting better and better with theflower's backgrounds. Amazing FX.
  2. what is this thread about lol
  3. This is going to be hard to judge. @Ethan You have no chance against TheFlower.
  4. I have to say, these illustrations are truly remarkable. If what you meant by this power is to be a sticker power, I can see it too.
  5. Leandro

    582 ALI

    Props to however made it. That finger sticker looks like something I've seen before... (Yes, this is Scary Movie)
  6. I must say the backgrounds already posted here are absolutely marvellous. Haven't seen something this pretty since I last looked at myself in a mirror.
  7. Already suggested.
  8. I actually have mixed feelings about this year's UCL, but as I'm a Real Madrid fan I have to believe! I'm also a CR7 fan and want him to score lots of goals
  9. Leandro


    I wasn't tallking to you, I was replying to Crow.
  10. Leandro


    What you are implying here means adding a system (like Giphy) so we can upload our gifs? This is going to cost xat and is useless in my opinion. Just use Giphy already.
  11. Leandro


    You always overthink simple and easy stuff. Yes, gifs are needed and if someone post an inapp gift, the message shall be deleted. Period.
  12. Si te refieres a que no puedes entrar en tu cuenta por la contraseña, asegurate que la nueva que utilices no tenga signos de puntuación, solamente debe ser alfanumérica (solo números y letras).
  13. It is because they didn't take his suggestion. They already know what powers they are going to make months in advance, and more with collections, it would be illogical not to name it superlove too.
  14. Happy birthday Nixs!

  15. According to @LaFleur who is developing the newest edit group (for HTML5 ob), he says this option is already added.
  16. @LaFleur yeah still happening
  17. I'd have to say from 2010-2013. Those were the days.
  18. It was made by Mike
  19. ID: 580 Name: SCAMP Status: Limited Price: 199 xats Category: User power Hats: (hat#hs) Smilies: scamp, scdance, scbow, scbold, scblush, scback, sctongue, scshout, scno, clook, scawe
  20. These two literally mean the same: ''Make this chat for registered users and members only'' In conclusion, the second option on Spanish should be ''Hacer éste chat sólo para usuarios subscritos/suscritos y miembros.''
  21. being honest, yes, xat admins are greedy enough to add a supervalentine or superlove power just like they did with superxmas and supersanta
  22. https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Superheart ?
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