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  1. These two literally mean the same: ''Make this chat for registered users and members only'' In conclusion, the second option on Spanish should be ''Hacer éste chat sólo para usuarios subscritos/suscritos y miembros.''
  2. being honest, yes, xat admins are greedy enough to add a supervalentine or superlove power just like they did with superxmas and supersanta
  3. https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Superheart ?
  4. I sure hope that these people keep the chat alive for a long time if they wanted it to be reinstated so bad!
  5. Congrats Ajutor for being re-opened after it got redirected to Assistance for being Inactive! I hope it doesn't happen again
  6. I was going to write you a love letter here, but then I decided I wanted it to be private.

    1. Gui


      Loving it mi broda.

  7. You can create and send a New Wiki Article or an edit if you want to: https://forum.xat.com/requests/wiki-edit-request/?do=form&d=5
  8. not sure if i already answered this thread before, but it's gotta be baghead for me.
  9. Sancocho, mofongo and people that can't understand things even if you explain it 10 times and really slowly.
  10. It is, to their account Lingurar, and they have a ticket and the ticket answer was ''If you are unable to login with out account but know the email and can access it, use the lostpass form'', but he can't access the email.
  11. After talking with them, they have seem to lost access to their email, no their xat account. There is nothing xat can do to help you in this situation. Try to recover it using Gmail: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/7682439?hl=en or Outlook: https://account.live.com/password/reset
  12. There is already a way to fix the error in Google Chrome: Enter this link from the Chrome link bar: chrome://settings/content/sound Review the options in which appears '' Allow websites to play sounds (recommended) '' Where it says '' Allow '' click on '' Add '' and type https://xat.me Example GIF:
  13. Technically, it does fix the problem. They need to reproduce the steps as well if they want to hear the music obviously.
  14. nothing. on flash it shows the foot animation and on html5 it plays the jukebox one. (superblastkick).
  15. This seems like a bad idea. If it was redirected to Assistance in the first place it was because it was inactive. Is the Romanian community going to Ajutor to help? and not killing it once again? If they can prove so, fine by me.
  16. There used to be some superblastkick powers assigned to this chat, they were unassigned like 40 minutes ago, yet the animation for superblastkick still show. I tried to type $blast=off. Nothing, they keep showing up. Tried to type $blastkick=4 (there's 8 blastkicks assigned) to see if they will show up, nothing, only superblastkick.
  17. Leandro

    Login not working

    This keeps happening in Firefox.
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