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  1. Leandro

    553 NAT

    They don't even want to add embed images and you think they are going to add stickers? It is a great idea, but Admins don't like the word ''free''.
  2. Chicken dinner tonight @Thuk



    1. Thuk


      Yeah! @Cupim learn!!!



  3. I do agree with this one. Some people have asked what happened with the mail notifications at the time of login, and they want it back. For them, this is more secure than mail authentication every ''once in a while''.
  4. Ya le he explicado a esta persona como hacer el ticket correctamente en el chat de Ayuda y lo ha creado.
  5. Si no te dejo crear el ticket, lo más probable es que no estuvieses poniendo 5 palabras en lo que viene a ser el ''Subject'' (asunto) del ticket. Tiene que ser mayor a 5 palabras o no te dejará enviarlo.
  6. Hola, En caso de que perdieras el correo asociado a tu cuenta, deberás de crear una cuenta nueva para poder enviar el ticket y así recuperar tu cuenta anterior, la principal. Luego de crear la cuenta, dirígete a xat.com/ticket y abre un ticket en el Help Topic (Departamento) que se llama ''Lost Access'' y ahí explicas que perdiste el correo, y debes de poner el ID y el nombre de esa cuenta. Ellos te ayudarán.
  7. Happy bday SJBB!

  8. PELO ESCOBA, aver si te cortas esos pelos ya

  9. Leandro

    552 HEAT

    Why is heat added to superhobbies? Is it a hobbie to feel the heat? @Mihay @Admin
  10. Had a conversation with xat admins and they said this is a wonderful idea. Thank you for this magnificent suggestion. The best I've ever read here.
  11. Feliz cumpleaños imbécil :p

    1. Luig


      Gracias cubano <3

    2. Thuk


      Stop <3'd

  12. Thank you. This is exactly what xat needs. I'll make sure to forward this to the administrators.
  13. Create a new account and send a ticket (xat.com/ticket) under the department called ''Account Block'' and explain what happened. Make sure to add the name of your deleted account.
  14. i thought i clicked on illuxat.com for a second
  15. Leandro

    551 AHAIR

    Being a contributor doesn't mean giving a positive opinion. It means giving your opinion. Point.
  16. when is superhair going to be announced?

    1. Thuk


      After Xhair.

    2. Rut



    3. DUYGU


      Good idea. Let's make a suggestion for it.

  17. Leandro

    551 AHAIR

    Keep up the good powers xat!
  18. Feliz cumpleaños amigo salvadoreño!

    1. Nathan


      never gonna let that go , huh? Thanks bro!

  19. forums not down? rad

    1. DUYGU


      Forum did back

  20. Feliz cumpleaños :d

  21. Leandro


    1. oj


      nuzzles u back

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