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    Leandro 1010206
  4. xat is the only place where the people actually running the site (smiley makers, volunteers) are not rewarded for their work (a test power does not count at all) even if its with just a small pawn that says what they do on the site. i cannot believe how hard the conversation must be for them to be given a different role on the forum in the first place. it still amazes me the hate the same community gaves the people making this site work.
  5. Leandro

    Ice Pawn

    Hello Flake, I think your idea has amazing potential. I really like the amount of effort and detail you put into your example. I hope to see it on the chat some day.
  6. idk i think lafleur n cupim they good
  7. Is it your birthday? really? what a sad day... Congrats tho!

    1. Maverick


      Thanks, pato.


      Yea, every year it’s been the same date.

  8. I see xat powers just get better and better everytime!
  9. happy year

  10. don't you think xat needs a pop out for any official announcement? not everyone uses forum. not everyone has twitter. not everyone has facebook. not everyone uses xat wiki. how would this work? when you join a xat (ONLY THE FIRST TIME) a pop out will show up on top of the chat with an official message by admins (or maybe some vols, no wiki editors!) is this useful? hell yeah it is, otherwise how would you communicate a big announcement to your whole audience? just take the latest id auction as an example, not many people know about it, or the BLACK FRIDAY events. thank you for coming to my TED Talk. i'll be watching replies (not)
  11. Been a long time since people complained about a power being expensive! Seems like you guys want everything free and cheap! It's such a shame.
  12. There's a new update coming soon. If it happens again, would you please reply to this topic again? ty
  13. We haven't heard any reports like this. Is your Internet speed good?
  14. Amazing, extraordinary, exquisite, perfect, bonito, hermoso y precioso.
  15. A new HTML5 update is going to be pushed in a while, and some issues regarding nameglow have been fixed. When pushed, would be able to reply here again to see if the issue keeps happening? Thanks!
  16. if you mean that, buy IDS and give them to people through contests 🥳
  17. If this was a joke you made me laugh, congrats! 🤣
  18. Leandro

    tickle html5

    This is a bug. It's going to be fixed soon. If possible, post it on the correct section as soon as you can: https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/chat/
  19. Thank you for reporting. An update will be posted here once it's fixed.
  20. Making it unlimited just because 4 people think it's too expensive and cannot afford it is not a good reason.
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