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  1. Leandro

    538 TIME

    hourglass smilie seems to give a lot of lag @Mihay any plans on fixing it?
  2. Leandro

    Pls help

    We understand but right now there's nothing you could do, this is a bug from part of xat.
  3. Please wait for an answer on the first topic you already have.
  4. Hello, as I told you before, you will need to create a ticket under the Help Topic called ''Chat Block'' and ask why your chat has been ''banned''. Go to xat.com/Ticket Click on ''Open New Ticket'' Select the Help Topic ''Chat Block'' Write in the Subject more than 5 words Proceed to describe the problem, in English. You should receive more information regarding the banning on your chat there. Please remember you need to have a registered account to send the ticket.
  5. I like the game! It's a Cardmatch version created for Flash. Very smart.
  6. Leandro

    Pls help

    I talked to her yesterday regarding this. The number of users showing on xat.com/groups may be different from the number of people there is currently on your chat. This is due a bug and delay from part of xat. e.g: There is not 50 people in Trade, nor 6 on Help.
  7. Congratulations for being an Advanced Member! You worked really hard for it! (hug)

  8. The new power of this week is: Skunk. ID: 537 Name: Skunk Status: Limited Smilies: skunk, skglare, sklove, skouch, sksilly, skteeth, skthink, sktired, skangry, skunkback, skgas Pawns: hat#hk, hat#hu Price: 219 xats Wiki: https://xat.wiki/skunk This power was made by @Anti. Really loving it!
  9. Leandro

    Power "Gaty"

    Yes! This power is exactly the same and I don't see any differences between the other cat powers there are on xat and people have posted here. Nonetheless, xat loves duplicated powers. They live for them. So what we will say about it really doesn't matter.
  10. Prove your knowledge on the best TV Shows of our generation with our amazing contest happening right now on xat's Facebook, you may win 2500 xats!🎬 You will have 48 hours to send your answers regarding four of the best rated TV Shows ever. Good luck!
  11. Thank you I received my prize! Also congratulations to all the other strong females that won this contest. We sure are strong.
  12. Cumples año el mismo día del día internacional de la mujer, el mejor día para que nacieras tu <3

    1. Samuel


      Orgullo nacional 

      coach k duke GIF by ESPN

  13. The screenshot you showed me it's because the chat is removed from the list. Tell them to go to Settings and remove the option called '' Don’t include this chat box on any lists or charts.''
  14. It isn't. Go to xat.com and see it.
  15. You are receiving errors because you cannot send them on xat.com/ticket anymore. You need to click ''Request'' and fill out the forms with your account's details. Click here: https://forum.xat.com/requests/open-a-ticket/?do=form&d=5 Select on Type of Request ''Locked Out'' Fill out the forms with your account's details. You should receive a message on your email with the ticket number and the questions in less than 24 hours.
  16. If you want to report something HTML5 related, do it here: https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/html5-chat/
  17. Leandro

    Power: BallFX2

    You clearly don't know yet how xat works The idea is good, I want my baseball!
  18. Hello, If that person didn't give the original owner the powers back, that person should make a ticket regarding that issue. However, as the person gave the powers to them voluntarily, they may not receive the powers back. All of this is handled in the ticket. How to create the ticket? Go on xat.com/ticket Click on ''Open New Ticket'' Fill out the forms and select ''Report Scam'' in the Help Topic. Remember to write more than 5 words on the subject. Proceed to describe the problem.
  19. xat sí toma medidas en lo que conviene a los casos de que usted se está refiriendo, pero xat no está obligado a decirle a los usuarios que crean los reportes qué pasará con dicha persona. Si usted hace su parte en reportar al sujeto en cuestión con las debidas pruebas donde se vea claramente lo que hace el sujeto, xat toma las riendas del caso pero sin decir qué pasará con dicho problema.
  20. Leandro 1010206 I thought you didn't need prize holders for giveaways
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