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  1. *coughs* Some previews for the HTML5 Page:
  2. *bumping this thread *coughs* HTML5
  3. This is, with all due respect, one of the most useless suggestions I’ve seen around on xat. Doctors don’t need a recognition in a social network just because they are doctors. They deserve all the recognition they get elsewhere, but here it’s just stupid.
  4. Congratulations for becoming a Smiley Maker (applause):$

  5. Congratulations to however made this power, in these critical times it’s good to remind people to use gel and use their masks .
  6. I know this idea has been suggested in the past, but I wanted to bring it up again with some examples on how to make it work. With this power, everytime you have set up a shortcut, you can do, for example: CTRL + G and the plus button will show up: Note: This button will only show up on the pawn of the people YOU have added. If they have NOPC and DON'T have you added, they won't be added to the Group PC. If you select a group of people, MAX 6 people, the Group PC should appear like a normal private chat, just with the registered names (or with display names, what's easier) of the people added to the group private chat. Also, the bubble pc icon should be the group pc power icon, so people can see its different from a normal private chat. When the group pc is created, it should look something like this: Why not just create a chat and invite people there, instead of having a power? (would love if it is a feature, but you know) Simple. Why would I create a chat just to invite some people to tell them something I can do in a quick second? For example, there's a gossip around on the chat we all are in at the same time, and I want to say it to all of them, I can easily create a Group PC in less than a minute and tell them . Thank for coming to my TED Talk.
  7. If im correct this was the final design that needed to be changed to HTML5, right? Either way, it looks amazing, and huge congrats to LaFleur, Junior, Sloom, Maverick and everyone else involved with this new page. It really looks clean and amazing. For me, the biggest feature has to be the new adding Main Owner feature. It will make the chat a lot more organized and won't cause any more issues with Main Owners and all that bad stuff in the past . Also, the additional options and miscellaneous buttons just seem too big in my opinion, could make them a little smaller too?
  8. And you can always say you felt inspired by them, not copied them if made Powers. You could make smilies that look like them, but not name them as Dragon Ball per se.
  9. Leandro


    I think it would be okay if it looks just like it does when we use stickers.
  10. Leandro


    I was thinking about it, but I don't think they want to move the smilie bar once again. But yes, I approve of this example.
  11. Leandro


    Or it could be something like this:
  12. We all loved the latest HTML5 update, where we can easily watch YouTube videos in-chat. So my suggestion is this: After the YT video is done playing, instead of the window just disappearing, leave it until we decide to close it, or to reproduce the video once again. The way it is right now: How I am suggestin' it should be: Showing related videos AND the replay button, or if I just want to close it, then I'll close it. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk. There's snacks in the back.
  13. Olá, Se você quiser saber por que seus players foram rejeitados, envie um ticket de suporte no lugar certo: https://xatproject.com/sos/ EDITAR: Eu posso ver que você já tem um ticket aberto lá. Eu estarei respondendo lá. Tenha um bom dia.
  14. Leandro

    Badboy Power

    I really loved it! It would be cool if with the (bbgraffiti) you could type something in it, for example: (bbgraffiti#wHello) and It'll show as the message, just like the main smilie.
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