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  1. Although I do agree most of these powers are rushed because they still need to rip off money, this power isn't ''useless''. Just because you won't use it, doesn't mean other people won't use it either.
  2. this is an excellent idea that has never been discussed on xat ever, i'm sure people will give their honest input in this suggestion. i think its a good one.
  3. Me and the boys on my bday xoxo @Maverick @Thuk



    1. NoSense


      kjkjaakjaajaajkajkakaa loool

  4. happy bday dude 






  5. t hank bday wishes, c ya xoxo

  6. Happy birthday, Leandro!

  7. happy birthday dominican that cant even speak spanish!

  8. Happy birthday broda


    love you <3 

  9. Happy birthday! BM!


    Hope you enjoy your day with your family and friends.

  10. dance with me and i'll sing to u

  11. No, not really. You can test it yourself.
  12. Having an option so every time you login, you get a confirmation email, like before.
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