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  1. I still hate this game. but I still protect the dukedom.
  2. I hate this game. but I also protect the dukedom.
  3. It does load a bit faster now. Thank you sire.
  4. Leandro

    Wtf ban reason

    Please don't swear in the forums. This is not the right place to report unfair banning. Please talk to the main owner of the chat where it happened using the Message feature: https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/ownerfeedback.php?GroupName=Sohbet
  5. don't stop me - cuz i'm having a good tiME, HAVIN'G A GOOD TIME
  6. I feel aliveeeee and the worlddddddddd I'll turn it inside out, yeah
  7. Reference post: The same suggestion, but in ''Edit chat group'' since we get a lot of lag in there as well. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
  8. Happy Birthday broda 



  9. Then I can suggest some of these ones: I've selected most of them the UCL (some of them) match kits since they are the most aesthetically pleasing Juventus Home Kit 2019: Real Madrid (2015-2016): Manchester United Home kit (2019): Bayern Munich Home kit (2018-19): Barcelona's 2018/19 UCL Home Jersey: and Argentina's national team:
  10. No problem about copyright on this one?
  11. Hello, You need to wait for the hold to run out. Volunteers cannot remove that hold because it’s for security reasons each time you log in from a different place (Depending on your Security options). Be patient and wait for it to run out.
  12. Hola, Por el momento, todavía no se sabe cuanto pueda durar xatRadio en mantenimiento, pero no ha de durar un poco más de varios días. Se lamenta la larga espera, pero están añadiendo nuevas características a sus sistemas y por eso dura mucho. Se paciente.
  13. This is still happening and is very very very annoying also happens when replying to a status
  14. Hola, Por el momento, xatRadio ha estado en mantenimiento debido a que están añadiendo características nuevas a su sistema, y por eso ha de durar un poco. Se lamentan las molestias, pero en los próximos días ya debería de estar todo normal.
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