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  1. There's a new update coming soon. If it happens again, would you please reply to this topic again? ty
  2. We haven't heard any reports like this. Is your Internet speed good?
  3. Amazing, extraordinary, exquisite, perfect, bonito, hermoso y precioso.
  4. A new HTML5 update is going to be pushed in a while, and some issues regarding nameglow have been fixed. When pushed, would be able to reply here again to see if the issue keeps happening? Thanks!
  5. if you mean that, buy IDS and give them to people through contests 🥳
  6. If this was a joke you made me laugh, congrats! 🤣
  7. Leandro

    tickle html5

    This is a bug. It's going to be fixed soon. If possible, post it on the correct section as soon as you can: https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/html5-chat/
  8. Thank you for reporting. An update will be posed when fixed.
  9. Making it unlimited just because 4 people think it's too expensive and cannot afford it is not a good reason.
  10. edit: does this person has pcplus power?
  11. Newest power is.. SEALS! Name: Seals ID: 604 Status: Limited Store price: 220 xats Smilies: ["seals"," seback"," seball"," secry"," sedance"," sehug"," sekiss"," selove"," semask"," seplay"," sesleep"," seswing"] Hats: hL,hc,hb,hs wiki: xat.wiki/Seals Power made by @iSanty
  12. For the people who are still uploading swf players to xatRadio, they are not allowed.



    thank you, kisses and hugs xoxo

    1. Gui


      thats it, xoxo

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