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  1. yes you only have to pay 500,000 USD to use them
  2. Santy always making GREAT powers. My two favourite smilies have to be polarmad and polarlove. Keep making great powers noob
  3. Leandro

    HTML5 Bugado

    There is a problem with the server being investigated by xat administrators. This will be fixed soon.
  4. I think the first idea is kind of unnecessary, but the second idea seems like a totally perfect idea. Having it like this would make it much more easier as well.
  5. Leandro


    Tickle changed position because the Notifications tab is going to be used for more HTML5 features. So, soon you'll be able to see more than just tickles on that tab.
  6. Thank you for reporting this issue. You'll be notified when fixed.
  7. Leandro

    Buy group

    I feel this isn't a bug, but more of a suggestion: https://forum.xat.com/forum/7-suggestions/
  8. Can you make a gif? I've been trying to reproduce but it's not happening.
  9. Well, enough crying, just next time do better! If you see the video santy made, at the end it had what they asked for; smiley combinations. Maybe you should have a done a better presentation and you'll have won something. Less crying please! A llorar a la llorería!
  10. What this means its basically you have the power assigned in other chat. Go to xat.com/Login and check the group tab, check where the powers are assigned and remove them.
  11. Leandro

    xavi page

    Since there's a new way to get xavi items, this is closed.
  12. This has been fixed. There's a new Inappropriate page: https://xat.com/report?GroupName=HTML5#!group @Jake
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