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  1. You should be ashamed of yourself, @Angelo!
  2. Te felicito aquí para que los demás vean (blowkiss)


    Feliz cumpleaños cosita hermosa, espero que cumplas muchos más años y que cuando se acabe la cuarentena lo celebres como es debido (smirk)


    lets do it flirting GIF

    1. iSanty



  3. Being honest, this would only work with Short Name and Groups. Other ticket departments require aditional work; they need to verify a lot of data from your account, which cannot be done in a few minutes. If you report a Scam, they need to verify both people that were involved, and many other stuff. If your account is blocked, you need to answer a lot of questions that cannot be answered in a few minutes, and remember there are only 8 volunteers for a 10k+ community. No.
  4. Also, can the URL be closer to the icon?
  5. Loved the contest, very funny and I want to give special thanks to GameBot as well!
  6. Wendys! I love their fries and the bread is soft as hell
  7. Admin didn't make it. It was made since 2013 and now @Crow re-visited it and edited it. https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Scams&action=history
  8. I was kidding. Your backgrounds have no value whatsoever. I think you should read again what Ethan said and if you want to do some real FX, follow some Photoshop tutorials please.
  9. This thread just keep getting better and better with theflower's backgrounds. Amazing FX.
  10. what is this thread about lol
  11. This is going to be hard to judge. @Ethan You have no chance against TheFlower.
  12. I have to say, these illustrations are truly remarkable. If what you meant by this power is to be a sticker power, I can see it too.
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