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  1. Leandro

    What's your favorite website?

    Mine is against the guidelines
  2. Leandro


    I'm not sure some people in this thread knows what it takes to get the cyan pawn in this case: You get the cyan pawn if you CODE the game, not if you SUGGEST it. Thanks.
  3. Leandro

    Active and Creative

    Are you serious with this idea? I sure hope you're not.

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    2. LaFleur


      i’ve been watching it again :D

    3. Leandro


      They've been doing re-runs on TV now, been watching couple of episodes 8-)

    4. LaFleur


      Cool! I'm still amazed how much this show is ahead to others tv shows - pure greatness.

  5. Leandro

    problem with the purchase of xats and dais

    OP has been helped out. They already has a ticket about the current situation about a payment they made and is still waiting on a response on the ticket.
  6. Leandro


    This may not last forever.
  7. Leandro

    User app and game suggestions

    What about Penalty Shootouts? User on the penalty spot will have 5 seconds to decide in which spot he wants to shoot, and the goalkeeper will have the same time to decide where he wants to stop the ball. First one to get 5 penalties wins.
  8. Leandro

    APPBOT power, user apps and games

    That was just an example of the applications users can make.
  9. Admin got really generous this year I won't miss it!
  10. Leandro

    ID Auction

    This most likely this won't happen. Admin is already sponsoring Trade's 150k giveaway, so i think that would be enough for this year.

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