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  1. I love your profile picture.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Leandro


      Thank you, i appreciate it! Not like some other people.

    3. Laming


      Ugly pic

    4. Bau


      Toninho pic, pranks brasilians xD

      I like it (rolleyes)

  2. your avatar should be removed, it scares me. (wailing) 

  3. Leandro


    The lag you get when you go in is not xat, is flash, so that comment seems a little bit wrong.
  4. Leandro

    Giveaway #22: Win the KANDLE power!

    Dream 1010206
  5. Leandro

    cuenta bloqueada error 55

    Hola, Si ya enviaste el ticket, tienes que esperar a una respuesta. Ese departamento requiere una investigación para que te puedan ayudar y/o resolver tu problema. Crear un post en el foro es una buena manera de recibir información sobre tu problema, pero no agilizará el proceso de que te respondan. Sigue esperando una respuesta.
  6. Leandro

    HTML5 Interface Update

  7. Leandro

    514 NOCARA

    Is it a function?
  8. Leandro

    Mundosmilies background contest

    I thought if it was a mundosmilies background the smilies should be from xat
  9. Leandro

    Which door would you take?

    The red one. Forget about the past.
  10. Leandro

    1 year and 4 months they do not answer the ticket

    You said it yourself. xat is not obligated to provide you with proof of you scamming/doing illegal activities. They already answered your question, if that's what you wanted. If you have any inquiries regarding a problem on your ticket, you need to reply in the ticket.
  11. Leandro

    Seals Power [FLASH]

    They are really well drawn and i really loved the one in which he's hungry ^^

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