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  1. Leandro

    Yes or No

    Yes, i went to be beach for the first time when i was about 2 and my mom teached me how to swim, now i love it! Have you ever pulled an all nighter?
  2. What happens when you play PUBG Mobile with @Skatel and @Samuel


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Leandro


      You're welcome, oj. Thank you for all the support!

    3. Samuel


      When the driver is like this..


      Because of

      That happens

    4. DuuL
  3. I'd go to a desert island. easy.
  4. Leandro

    Have you ever met anyone on xat IRL?

    Yes. I accidentally ran into two people whom i met throught xat, and they were brother and sister. One i met at a music festival and the other one while i was on a trip.
  5. Leandro

    Advertise xat on Facebook

    Well, actually this theme has been discussed by the Contributors a while back as you can see the Contributor Monthly Logs: And i don't doubt they will do it eventually, but you know how xat is, so its gonna take some time .
  6. Leandro


    This ID has been sold, bye.
  7. Leandro

    When did you discover xat?

    There's another same forum thread about the same topic, as you can see here: Remember to check before to avoid making double posts .
  8. ew

    1. miaa


      ew u 

    2. Leandro
    3. miaa


      bye x2

      @Money ur r00d. i dont APPROVE 

  9. Leandro

    CSSS on editprofile to a textfield

    yes plz
  10. Leandro


    ID still on sale.
  11. Leandro


    Most people thought it was a nice rat
  12. Leandro

    xat User Xtinguishor (1496749855)

    Sad to hear about what happened to you. In this case, you'll need to make a ticket in order for the volunteers to resolve this case. You'll need to fill a ticket in the ''Report Scam'' department and include as many proofs as posible, so they will answer you sooner. If you cannot create a ticket, please send a direct message to a volunteer here in the forums: https://forum.xat.com/staff/ Remember to add information about in what department you want the ticket to be open, in this case, ''Report Scam''. Also include your registered name, your identification number and a email in which the ticket will be opened.
  13. Leandro

    Steam on xat

    Yeah, Jedi is already coding that option for BOTSTAT.
  14. The deads have resurrected. It's time to dig the grave again.


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