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  1. Change pawn from main owner

    ''No pawn similar to xat STAFF should ever be added for another thing''
  2. Change pawn from main owner

    To be honest, i think not. the pawn is already as good as is it right now, we don't need to change it. You get confused about who's main main or owner? just click the person and you'll see. i think it should stay the same as is it right now.
  3. WIN 300 XATS.

    The winner of the contest is... Congrats @iGREY. You have 24 hours to claim your prize. i'm always on xat5 or cambio.
  4. I forgot the my authentication

    Hi there! If you lose your authentication code, you need to create a ticket in the Help Topic ''Lost Auth''. If you are unable to create a ticket, remember to clear your browsers cookies and try to make it. if still you are unable to create one, you need to talk to a Volunteer directly.
  5. Test thread ignore

    That's a new feature of the power PCBACK. Now if the other user doesn't have pcback, it shows your own.
  6. Poll On Why xat Is Getting Less Busy

    we all now the real reason why. because people have grown up and don't have enough time for xat anymore.
  7. Account Block - error56

    Hi there! So you have been scammed or you have Error 56? If you have been scammed: You need to make a ticket in the Help Topic ''Report Scam'' and provide as many evidence as you have that you have been scammed. If you have Error 56: That means that either you of the person you're trying to send xats/days via transfer is held indefinitely. A ticket needs to be send in the Help Topic ''Account Block''. If you can't open a ticket, remember to clear your browser's cookies. if still you can't open one, i suggest you to talk to a Volunteer directly.
  8. lost auth code and cannot open ticket

    Hi there! You need to open a ticket in the Help Topic ''Lost Auth''. If you can't open a ticket, try to clear the cookies from your browser. If still can't open a ticket, i suggest you to talk directly to a Volunteer.
  9. A-Z of powers

  10. Goodbye xat

    cya later alligator
  11. PcBack Shuffle

    well i think they are working to improve pcback they should add it @Admin
  12. PcBack Shuffle

    ALSO, i think pcback should get boosted and allow to use it with toon pictures. example: Idea from:
  13. PcBack Shuffle

    I agree with this, and that i can select the pcback i want the other people to see.
  14. Option For More xats Packages on Buy

    if is not compatible with $100, it could be added with smaller amounts then. we know is awful but some of us find it more easy than with cc sometimes or pp
  15. please check as soon as possible!

    Hi there! First of all, you have to consider that a lot of tickets are send everyday by a lot of users on xat, that's why there's a delay when waiting for an answer on your ticket; you're not the only one. Here you have the list of the departments with certain delays: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Ticket_times