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  1. i have error 55 system, i waited for 5-6 months so far and nobody responded to my tickete please make me do something else i want to give me money back a beautiful evening !! http://prntscr.com/hso7nr
  2. Hello I have 2 logs find 1523345551 and 1514043701 on log in 1514043701 has passed 2 months and has responded to await to check after closed my login and logged in 1523345551 both blocked with error 55 has passed many days and no one has responded to me ticket, (error 55) please consider accest messaj I want to give you money back on paypal if you do not answer within 2 days Thanks ,
  3. I have a problem I opened a ticket now 3 months only today answered me about error 55, on another login I now have a new login that I have put money now only works neither this will show me error 55 and my there is an email telling me to say all the accounts that I own what to do about this we put all the accounts that we mostly mentioned I would ask you to tell me what to do about this problem that I have before I post my account I posted on the forum several times when I was saying, if I make another account I will be blocked and that account you also have no accounts have any connection with the error that I have the other account and now-I woke up with error 55 and on the current account please solve this problem thank !!
  4. I do not know what happens to only uploading with paysafeCard with no paypal I did not do anything I spoke to help and said it was the problem from xat.com / I think please check what happened! http://prntscr.com/gnhen6 thank you !
  5. yes threatened me! that I will make my ticket
  6. I bought from a friend some powers I sent him money and now he wants to open a ticket I have all the evidence that he sent me money and threatened me I will print with the confirmation that he sent me Money . <removed>
  7. good day I waited for 1 month and no one answered me at the ticket I did not do anything I'm wrong 55 I pray from your heart to check what happened and how long I have to wait! In continuation ! Login name is fantoms2001
  8. good day I have a problem yesterday I logged in to someone in the computer on ip italy I received in exchange 5 bad hold I do not know why I do not decrease my 5 days
  9. i have logged in after another ip in italy and i have been holding 5 days please help me !!
  10. Hello I have a question if he sent someone to paypal 5 $ and he promised to give me a power and open a ticket to solve something or not that I was on help and he told me that only Can do anything with this problem as it has no xat.com problem with paypal! thank for you Answer !!
  11. "Good day" today I tried to buy the xats log on with mobile phone and then I selected $ 10 after I selected I do not show the icon to select (mobile phone) proof Http://prntscr.com/ge804e my question is something happened at xat.com is any bug?
  12. Hi Angelo !!!I have a mobile phone and I charge it after the subscription and when I give the option of $ 10 just the only option I get is Just check it out!
  13. I want to load the $ 40 sign-up with the phone and it just goes in no way did I try all the ways that happened with this payment method? http://prntscr.com/gdzk7n Please solve this problem Thank you !!
  14. Good night I have a question I have logged locked with error 55 and I expect reply from volunteers and I loaded another login with paysafecard and with mobile phone and I bought someone from a powers through western union mode. I made another login find this buyandsell2010 (1523345551) I want to ask if something will happen if I have the logon with the error 55 system thank you for all the help you put !!
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