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  1. you got a great tip, hope they take it to you. I like my @xLaming very much and very good
  2. my favorite power is clear, because I love transparent smilies and you can play with them a lot, even making it confuse with the background
  3. auguriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


    1. xMarco


      grazie saraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    2. Sara


      prego marco :-*


  4. hi all


  5. Since I have the account blocked, in case of winning the power test, I leave it to you at the registration that I will write later MisterDiogeneNO (1540928520)
  6. Good evening, you can only change the name, when you level up and become an advanced member. From the menu, go to account> account settings> username. Only by doing this process, you will be able to exchange. I hope I have been useful. Bye
  7. Good evening, you find that problem when you do not write in chat for a long time and that window pops up, for this reason. But if you ask some rank higher than your (member) you can get kick for lost connection or wait for 5 minutes and re-enter the chat. I hope I have been useful. Kisses
  8. happy new year <3(blowkiss)

  9. My friend, actually my best friend and Marco... beautiful initiative, I love it. I hope to be there that day, if I do notice if I get there before or after... in other words this year is a particular year, but with all the optimism that we have ideas, we do not lack. So I wish good luck to those who will play and I recommend help will be the most beautiful, populated chat definitely kisses. I love you guys and kisses
  10. -2 minutes startttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt Second round
  11. xat.com/Eventi 20,000 xats in prizes, we'll get started in minutes! 

  12. Hello everyone we present the new chat in the English gaming community for this new opening we offer you a very fun game, that of roulette We will start on Monday and there will be 3 contests per week HOW TO PLAY We have many playing options You can choose red or black and if you guess right in the rolette spin you win If you guess the row which is made up of 3 you win If you guess the exact number you win JACKPOT: IF YOU GUESS THE NUMBER 0 you win IF YOU CHOOSE DOUBLE 0 you win RULES: Respect the chat rules There will be limited rides Good game to all START: Thursday 20/08/2020 at 11:00 pm in xat.COM/EVENTI @Luana @Lemona @Demonattack @bianca-99 @Abrahan @xRavennn
  13. Guys, I'm so sorry ... there was an inconvenience, the contest is moved tomorrow, at the same time.
  14. Happy birthdayyy Abra :-*

    1. Abrahan


      Grazia mia Sara 💘!

    2. Sara


      Prego caro abra 😘

  15. Sara

    Pawn of Season

    Thank u @Abada @Valstein
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