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  1. Sara

    My designs

    for me, thank you
  2. Sara

    My designs

    if you like, can you make me a background for private chat? Thank you
  3. can I make a request for my pcback? Thank you welcome back, I love the job you created. good job
  4. SweetDreams94 (244010497)
  5. Sara

    New Smiling

    ok thank you
  6. Sara

    New Smiling

    Hello to all... I am a user like all the others of xat and I wanted to express my 'opinion' on the fact of the new power you create ... Since you have created some nice power, then I would ask who creates them, to do in addition to the simple hat (hat and classic) to put on the pin, maybe a scarf or bandana, but always put, who is obviously recorded ... in short, you do something overwhelming or something very nice, I have made my own idea (you can take it) or maybe, as in word, that everyone writes in chat or italic or bold or underlined while chatting with someone. Or even singers who no longer exist or actors. Or singers that are there I expressed what I thought, if you have something to tell me, ok .... sorry but everyone has their own idea to be expressed to all .... Again, do something nice and overwhelming, because the new power obvious that then people change them ... A kiss Sara
  7. Sara


    SmartLove94 (244010497)
  8. Sara


    SmartLove94 (244010497) @Cristina @Matti
  9. The winner is... @Mauzim Congratulation, the winner 1500 xats. A kiss and good night at all, at the next contest. @muffins will deliver the xats to the winner
  10. Sara


    SmartLove94 (244010497)
  11. Sara


    SmartLove94 (244010497) @Matti
  12. Sara


    SmartLove94 (244010497)
  13. come and come, you win 1500 xats
  14. we did it by the way, we did not write in the post, you know? so we have written it in the comments
  15. Sara


    SmartLove94 (244010497)
  16. @muffins will give us a hand 1...2...3... start!
  17. Hello guys, I do not have much to ask for, just two pcback one for me and for my married. With the names @Sara and @Matti Inquiries: We would like some pcbacks different than usual, or for me 'Sara' what you want, but I prefer something fantastic, that nobody has ever seen and much to admire, I hope I have it. For my married, however, something cute. You can also add our id, which I will propose below, as soon as we enter xat Timing: You have time until 5th November, so be sorry for the most Awards: 1st place -1500 xats Judges: @Matti @Sara look for us at xat.com/Aiuto Good Luck everyone
  18. the beautiful graphic *-* goodddd luck to all
  19. i found ''Waldo'' is here.
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