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  1. you got a great tip, hope they take it to you. I like my @xLaming very much and very good
  2. my favorite power is clear, because I love transparent smilies and you can play with them a lot, even making it confuse with the background
  3. auguriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii


    1. xMarco


      grazie saraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    2. Sara


      prego marco :-*


  4. hi all


  5. Since I have the account blocked, in case of winning the power test, I leave it to you at the registration that I will write later MisterDiogeneNO (1540928520)
  6. Good evening, you can only change the name, when you level up and become an advanced member. From the menu, go to account> account settings> username. Only by doing this process, you will be able to exchange. I hope I have been useful. Bye
  7. Good evening, you find that problem when you do not write in chat for a long time and that window pops up, for this reason. But if you ask some rank higher than your (member) you can get kick for lost connection or wait for 5 minutes and re-enter the chat. I hope I have been useful. Kisses

    1. Sara


      Adorooooo 😍😍

    2. Abrahan


      Ti voglio tanti bene💞.

    3. Sara


      puro yo abrahan, te quiero mucho bien <3


  9. Liana

    Want You Love GIF by FUN WITH FRIDAY

    1. Sara


      lianaaaaa <3


  10. happy new year <3(blowkiss)

  11. My friend, actually my best friend and Marco... beautiful initiative, I love it. I hope to be there that day, if I do notice if I get there before or after... in other words this year is a particular year, but with all the optimism that we have ideas, we do not lack. So I wish good luck to those who will play and I recommend help will be the most beautiful, populated chat definitely kisses. I love you guys and kisses
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