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  1. Happy birthdayyy Abra :-*

    1. Abrahan


      Grazia mia Sara 💘!

    2. Sara


      Prego caro abra 😘

  2. Sara

    Pawn of Season

    Thank u @Abada @Valstein
  3. it's an interesting and very nice idea
  4. Sara

    Pawn of Season

    Good evening, I had in mind some pawns on the seasons I wish there was in the store, because it seems to me very nice as an idea, to create pawns, on seasons, which will soon die out due to the greenhouse effect ... and remember them one by one Spring pawn: simple pledge, with cherry blossoms falling on the green bowling pin Spring with its swallows and its cherry trees in bloom is always a sight to behold Es: Summer pawn: orange pedestrian, with sea and beach Summer is when you are so hot that you would like to dive into the blue sea and stay in the sun to tan Es: Autumn pawn: simple pedestrian, with falling autumn leaves, reddish color Autumn, that wonderful season in my eyes, that the leaves fall and take beautiful warm colors Es: Winter pawn: pawn with snowflakes and frozen blue sky Winter, just that you can't wait to go ice skating or playing snowball or like to stay at home under the bed. Es: I hope you like it as an idea and that you like it. Good day everyone you want
  5. Sara


    nice idea @bianca-99
  6. oh dear sweetie, I would buy it now, now
  7. Cute as an idea, I like it is very beautiful
  8. Suggestion ID: 6 digit 330033 445544 119911 228822 770077 290994 111222 919191 7 digit 6660066 2909994 7878787 9090909 4433443 1011101 1101011 2525252
  9. Beautiful thing, which is also spreading on the various social networks ... even with instagram, it is well known and for sure there will be many users who will enter
  10. Sara


    Beautiful idea, valsss
  11. happy birthdayyyyy

    1. Vevrok


      Thank yoooou <3

  12. I listen to everything, but I prefer raggaeton, pop and dance
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