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  1. So? There are lots of powers for banning and kicking users. Yet I still don't see you complaining about that. I don't see why a power to fight against raid would be a bad idea. It's just like mute and gag power only better.
  2. Now you're just ranting and being childish. That is not being professional or respectful. I've respected your posts so please respect mine.
  3. You realize bots can bypass captcha? You do not understand the point of silentkick power. The point is when they bypass the captcha, they flood the user list and it becomes annoying. No one wants to see the chat flooded with gagged bots or the kick messages showing up everytime they are kicked. It's just an easier counter attack without any hassle of putting the chat into protect mode.
  4. No it may not make the raider give up raiding the chat, but at least it will contain the bots a little so that users won't get annoyed. Thank you for your support however. I hardly ever see any user abusing boot power though. It's been years since I've last witnessed that power being abused on a chat. However yes perhaps they might abuse the silent kick power, but perhaps it should only be able to be activated as a group chat power for officials and tribute chats only since they have a more of high priority of moderation. Other than that I don't see any other problems. If users still abuse the power regardless, xat can just revoke the power from the user like boot power.
  5. Ever tired of seeing the bot kick all the guests every 5 minutes on official chats that are being raided? I am tired of it too! With this power, you won't see that message everytime it kicks out all of the raid bots. Perhaps staff members and xat staff can still see the message, but it won't be flooding the chat. Raid bots want the official bot on the chat to flood the main with bans and kicks. This power would sort of be like silent member and mute combined together. Because if the raid bots keep getting kicked all of the time, they'll just keep coming back. But with this power it will discourage the raider hopefully to stop the raid and give up. Let's use this power as a counter measure to put an end to raids once and for all on xat.
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