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  1. our chat has been hacked and no longer pass or mail to get a new password has been hacked today
  2. hacked my chat please help me my group was made in the original mail the group is geekexyu. Hello , Click the link below to activate your GeeKExYu group and become owner : http://xat.com/GeeKExYu my chat was hacked changed password when i insert the original email it does not receive it to ask for a new password please help me to restore my group lg Mely Germany
  3. I got from a friend of her chat room she has no more interests but how to change the mail from chat rooms to my lg Mely Germany
  4. I understand but in the room there are 40 users and shows 5, how can he cast so much? help pls Lg
  5. to think of the number of visitors, but in the room it has 35 members and it shows that it has 3 popular
  6. There are 35 users in my room, but Popular is only 5, but it does not show the right number of users in the room Does a blue member count as a user in a popular list ?
  7. Please help me, why does a popular 3-5 usher always show me on the screen and in the room it is over 30 lg

    Happy Birthday 

  9. Happy Birthday!

  10. Bitte help.. Ich habe blokade in room .. groups powers.. ich kann nicht aktiviret,, was muss ich tun ? lg 

    1. zw


      I will help you with this in private; please send me a message.

  11. I have all this, but today there were 15 users on chat, but I do not see the room in the group it put in No promotion is ok, but in the group when I open Bosnia and Herzegovina does not show my room, and the above is all properly set up in the edit and I have that powers rank pool activated though rooms are not on groups bosnien
  12. Why is not my room visible on the group?
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