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  1. a really nice power, I really enjoyed combining it with other smileys
  2. really a very bright idea, I can't wait for it to come true
  3. Very nice suggestion @bianca-99 it would be a really wonderful power
  4. wasn't a tenth smile supposed to come out?
  5. a really nice power, beautiful colorful, summer, positive, @iSanty continues like this
  6. Congratulations @iSanty a really nice power
  7. I'm really enjoying this power but I can't wait for more mouths to be added, really a great job you are doing, thank you very much
  8. truly a wonderful power. I've been waiting for it for some time
  9. great power, will there be a superfix collection soon?
  10. a really nice power, I like that it can be combined with other powers
  11. Good Power,Perfect Job
  12. really very nice, congratulations to those who created it
  13. nice power even if I would have preferred more smile and a hug, these smile do not work with big power(marshie#) (mahappy#) (maheart#) (maroasted#) (mawink#)they come out small
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