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  1. New version of xat "HTML5"

    I think it is not possible to create another app from xat, I wanted a change of the current app, because with a simpler design and be something more "like" with WhatsApp for example that is already something know worldwide.
  2. New version of xat "HTML5"

    Currently the application is only serving for this, imagine having an application of the xat resemblance to WhatsApp or other conversation applications. You can attract more people using xat. @Matti
  3. New version of xat "HTML5"

    I think if the application has more efficiency than browsers, people will use the application instead of using browsers. It all depends on how the application will be finished, because whether or not the application has some errors that should be corrected. @Matti @Adeis
  4. Where are you from?!

    I am from planet earth, located in the galaxy via lactea.
  5. What is your best FPS game?

    Talk about your best FPS game at the moment or old, it could be consoles or PC.
  6. What is your dream?

    My dream is in the bakery.

    Winner of this event was: Mapachito (168830371) Congratulations.

    Feikz (57345802)
  9. New version of xat "HTML5"

    This should be corrected soon, there should be a huge list of bugs and bugs that will be fixed right up to the final version.
  10. My best works / Meus melhores trabalhos.

    Thank you very much @Skatel
  11. My best works / Meus melhores trabalhos.

  12. Yellow Smiley Filter Power

    It's a good idea, but you should work a little more on the quality of the smilies, not to present just a good idea and rather a great appearance. Good suggestion.
  13. A good weekend!

    Feikz (57345802) You are human? I am not a human, I am a happy minion and the bau is my "boss" hahah BANANAAAAA!