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  1. Happy new year everyone

    1. DUYGU


      Thank you Juna, Happy new year too!

    2. iDan


      Thank you, for you too!

    3. DUYGU


      you're welcome

  2. Juna

    Happy birthday Duygu 

  3. Juna

    Happy birthday, Booh 

  4. Happy Birthday Sis, Crazy ! I hope you have an amazing day ! (hug)

    1. DjCrazy


      Thank you Bro(hug)

  5. Discord: Juna (야곱)#7777 Snapchat: Junacris
  6. Happy Birthday fleur !! 8-)

  7. Thanks For all you guys, I pretty much appreciate All of your Birthday Wishes, My Profile Got too many birthday wishes, That itself proves that.. this great community has too many great people in it.

    Much appreciation and love. 

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    2. Juna


      Haha, Thank you so much !! means a lot to me really, Bless you too :)

    3. Mystic


      Thanks Juna!

    4. Juna


      You are welcome ! 

  8. One piece's Soundtracks are the best, To be honest.. Despite that i'm gonna share my favorites. There We go : When Things too much exciting When Things Get Hyped Up Let's Not forget that
  9. I protect the dukedom.
  10. I protect the dukedom
  11. Happy Birthday, Crazy. My Wonderful Friend, I wish you all the best, and i hope you have a new year Full of Happiness, Health and Joy around your lovely friends and family ! <3

    1. DjCrazy


      i also love you all ty for congratulation junam(hug)

  12. Monkey D. Luffy For sure, He is always there for his friends.. trying to be strong to defend them as possible, he doesn't go silent when people mock his dreams, or anyone's dream. So on..
  13. Juna

    Happy Birthday, Sloom 

    1. SLOom


      Thank you, Juna!

  14. Happy Birthday, Dimple i hope you have one of the best days ever !  

    1. Dimple


      Thank u @Juna, even tho i just met u in xatest ur look nice and cool, God bless always!

  15. Pictures of when i was in a trip at Turkey And Three Pictures, Which got taken in Current Country i'm In.
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