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  1. Hi everyone... Initially I thought I could stand with this, but I really do not understand what is happening, I must give f5 too many times, why? , because the xat box appears in black, the first time this happened I asked for help and they told me that they did not know well why and that I had to restart my router (internet), I was reasonable and I could understand that everything is always good, but this happened again 1,2,3 ... more than I could count ... my question is: What are you doing to solve it? Or at least they know what the problem is? , if you know why that happens, please h
  2. Hi all. 11. Which power allows you to change "your friend's name"? - Powers is ( Nick ) Id: IIMiticoII (1525302205)
  3. IIMiticoII (1525302205)
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