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  1. Hi everyone... Initially I thought I could stand with this, but I really do not understand what is happening, I must give f5 too many times, why? , because the xat box appears in black, the first time this happened I asked for help and they told me that they did not know well why and that I had to restart my router (internet), I was reasonable and I could understand that everything is always good, but this happened again 1,2,3 ... more than I could count ... my question is: What are you doing to solve it? Or at least they know what the problem is? , if you know why that happens, please help me! And just to clarify, it is not that any of the plugins of my computer are failing, I have already reviewed them and everything works fine, it has nothing to do with cookies or something else, it has nothing to do with my internet signal, it has nothing to do with not having permissions on my computer, that's why I do not understand what the problem is, and no ... I'm not the only user to whom this happens, I've seen more than 5 known users Mine that also have the same problem and I also saw a question about this earlier in the forum, the solution was that I had to restart their router (internet) but for me it is not a solution, I can do that 2 or 3 times, but no more than 15 times, doing that becomes very stressful. It would be great if someone can to help me or clear up doubts
  2. Hi all. 11. Which power allows you to change "your friend's name"? - Powers is ( Nick ) Id: IIMiticoII (1525302205)
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