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  1. because this deviates too much from the original UI of the client, which Chris is trying to preserve in his HTML5 version of the flash client.
  2. No, I don't. Flash is dead in 2 years and all it's doing is creating more features/powers to convert over to HTML5, thus creating more work for @Admin in the long run. Especially considering he's the only guy actively developing for xat, he doesn't need to be focusing on the past - but more so, the future of xat.
  3. continuously having flash powers produced and making changes to the flash client to support these new powers/features aren't "working really hard on HTML5" it's wasting his time.
  4. i feel like admin is running it into the ground by wasting his time making flash changes and not putting 110% of his effort into the development of the html5 client if admin took his own website more seriously he'd have a chance to bring back the 2012 vibes
  6. xats are cheaper than ever. purple is not expensive because it literally came out like 10 years ago. what do you expect? big will never be unlimited
  7. An unlimited will always be worth less than a power that provides a function and is extremely limited.
  8. rankscroll 488 incoming saw it here first folks
  9. prices are determined by google searches its automatic
  10. nothing. probably fixing bugs that shouldn't exist
  11. women do not come on xat.com this is why chris is lonely
  12. we snapchat now boys
  13. Hi Stif, None of these are actually solutions to the problem at hand. The problem OP is experiencing seems to be a result of the K1 generation being changed, and improperly generating new K1s, which means you have to continuously press "Sign In" until it lets you in. This is a problem with how @Admin updated the code, not a user problem. Although I've yet to see it manifest with a constant captcha (if what OP says is true). Thanks.
  14. It would be more efficient to add more Admins (even one), but if it was going to ever happen it would've when xat was in it's prime and when it was actually necessary to have more than two people running the website. But they didn't then, and they definitely won't now.
  15. I think it's safe to say we'd all be a little disappointed.
  16. But then you have to go through the hassle of having a way of checking who connected first, and determining who to put together. You also have the problem of how often this would update the user list, considering how many people would use this feature. Could potentially create problems. This feature will never happen, in my opinion.
  17. For a lot of limited powers, they are worth more than their store price says they are, while some are worth less than their store price. I don't see how this would benefit the economy in any way, other then allowing for resellers to have more "auction value" for their fake bids.
  18. This is the type of stuff that is a step in the right direction for xat as a whole.
  19. Cryo

    Shortname Page

    Both the mobile application and the modern version of the original flash chat are both made in HTML5.
  20. I think this really proves that if there isn't a drastic change made soon by @Admin, then it's officially over for this website and there will be no chance for it to stay alive in the long-run; @Admin - either update us on your plans for the future moving forward, or straight out tell us that you don't care and that you're running your website into the ground. Any comment from you is better then silence.
  21. Cryo


    Not their first priority, their first priority is your money. If they wanted you to abuse the auction using store power prices, they would have done an auction.
  22. Cryo


    All you are is a customer, all they want is your money. You're not entitled to an auction for every holiday or event throughout the year and the admins are probably busy doing important stuff.
  23. The ability to report users on the chat itself shouldn't be locked behind a paywall - this should be something already available as a feature for all. This would make a good addition to the HTML5 chat if that ever releases.
  24. So basically just copying Discord? will never get added
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