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  7. because this deviates too much from the original UI of the client, which Chris is trying to preserve in his HTML5 version of the flash client.
  8. No, I don't. Flash is dead in 2 years and all it's doing is creating more features/powers to convert over to HTML5, thus creating more work for @Admin in the long run. Especially considering he's the only guy actively developing for xat, he doesn't need to be focusing on the past - but more so, the future of xat.
  9. continuously having flash powers produced and making changes to the flash client to support these new powers/features aren't "working really hard on HTML5" it's wasting his time.
  10. i feel like admin is running it into the ground by wasting his time making flash changes and not putting 110% of his effort into the development of the html5 client if admin took his own website more seriously he'd have a chance to bring back the 2012 vibes
  12. xats are cheaper than ever. purple is not expensive because it literally came out like 10 years ago. what do you expect? big will never be unlimited
  13. An unlimited will always be worth less than a power that provides a function and is extremely limited.
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