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  1. Shortname Page

    Both the mobile application and the modern version of the original flash chat are both made in HTML5.
  2. The Final Thread

    I think this really proves that if there isn't a drastic change made soon by @Admin, then it's officially over for this website and there will be no chance for it to stay alive in the long-run; @Admin - either update us on your plans for the future moving forward, or straight out tell us that you don't care and that you're running your website into the ground. Any comment from you is better then silence.
  3. Auction

    Not their first priority, their first priority is your money. If they wanted you to abuse the auction using store power prices, they would have done an auction.
  4. Auction

    All you are is a customer, all they want is your money. You're not entitled to an auction for every holiday or event throughout the year and the admins are probably busy doing important stuff.
  5. inchat report system (greport)

    The ability to report users on the chat itself shouldn't be locked behind a paywall - this should be something already available as a feature for all. This would make a good addition to the HTML5 chat if that ever releases.
  6. Easier Smiley Matching

    So basically just copying Discord? will never get added
  7. xat NEEDS to advertise, and something else

    What keeps me here will not keep new users, I can promise you that. I found the site interesting and cool back in 2008-2009, and the only reason I stay is because of nostalgia.
  8. xat NEEDS to advertise, and something else

    I see all these people complaining about how xat needs to advertise more, but... What will make these people stay? What will, in all honesty, keep new users around? What does xat have to offer that isn't offered by a newer, more modern platform?
  9. modify (nopc)

    The whole reason behind certain ranks being able to PC/PM you even with NOPC/NOPM, is so that they're still able to do their job and enforce rules; without it, you would be instantly banned because they couldn't talk to you, compared to being warned, etc. It would be chaos.
  10. Contributor Applications?

    It doesn't matter how you change it, there will always be bias in regards to certain users; there will always be people who will be excluded, regardless of how they contribute now. You can't stop that.
  11. Contributor Applications?

    Of course there are going to be certain users who are denied based on their past, but that's just how it works - you do have the option to wait out until those people are no longer in the Contributor group, and attempt to join again later on.
  12. Contributor Applications?

    How would this not make it easier to see potential additions to the Contributors group? Your job is being done for you, giving you more time to push for changes.
  13. Contributor Applications?

    If you think that some 12 year old who lied on their application won't be vetted by the other contributors, then you are dead wrong. There is nothing wrong with allowing applications to be submitted, and THEN voted on for acceptance based on who had the best application, seemed most qualified, etc. It isn't just going to be little Jimmy from Club Penguin applying and then immediately getting accepted. This is a GOOD idea, and a step in the right direction.
  14. Community Finding Solutions

    Yes, this is correct. You have the two administrators who handle the development side of the website, while the volunteers handle everything about the community and it's users.
  15. Community Finding Solutions

    If you take a look at this thread, you can clearly see that there are a lot of great suggestions from members of our community. @Admin - Please take a look at these, and maybe make it public that some of the changes we are requesting will be getting implemented in the near future to solve some of the problems that these members of our community have. If you don't, it's likely that many of the loyal users left on xat won't be around much longer. We want to see that change, and progress, is being made. You should definitely consider reading this thread in it's entirety, and implementing these changes. I would also like to add onto this (I'm not sure if it was mentioned anywhere above), but why is the contributor forum not publicly viewable? If these people are our voices, why can't we see what they're actively discussing? Why do we only get a "monthly log" where they have the option to omit what they pick and choose? I feel like there needs to be more communication, more transparency from this group; I know I've talked to Lemona about this, and she may have mentioned it in her post. Why are we choosing to not get the community more involved? All the Contributors accomplished was the creation of another "exclusive", private group that is supposed to be "for the community", without us being able to see what they discuss in real-time. I don't want to read a log posted by a contributor who has the option to pick and choose what they put in, and what they omit from the log.