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  1. Update login page to HTML5

    I changed my username a few days ago. It's you, not xat.
  2. Change pawn from main owner

    You can't change the look of the chat, this is what made xat what it is; it's lost it's popularity for other reasons.
  3. Change pawn from main owner

    would devalue purple more than it already is, and not necessary.
  4. TSR Background Contest!

    I'm willing to donate 600 xats for a runner-up to be awarded something. Message me on xat_test, @Paul or @T0x1c.
  5. "please wait" message on login?

    Didn't have this error on Chrome until the chat SWF size was changed on the login page - could be unrelated, however.
  6. Poll On Why xat Is Getting Less Busy

    This too. I think this could become a focus when HTML5 is ready for a full public release, because you don't want to advertise the Flash chat that, like you said, needs to be allowed to run on browsers like Chrome - leading to users potentially not even seeing it.
  7. Poll On Why xat Is Getting Less Busy

    I think the main thing that is to blame for the loss of users and popularity, would definitely be the ticket response times. Like Lemona said, if I were to come back to this website and not be able to sign into my account, I would expect a reasonable wait time for such a thing to be handled. Especially considering the fact that xat did this intentionally? They should've been prepared for the tickets. Of course, I suppose you could say this is an effect of November 2015 and you could put all of the blame there and on the hosting company that allowed it to happen. But xat Admins are also to blame, for either not wanting or not caring enough to fix these problems that everyone in the community experiences. After all, they have the final say on what goes on here on the website they created. If nothing changes, we as a community will continue to see the active user base dwindle, and eventually xat won't be open - you can't pay the bills without the users, the ones who buy powers, xats, days, etc. Maybe I'm just being nostalgic, but I miss when I could load up the homepage and see a promoted chat full of users talking to people that 9 times out of 10, they didn't know. Now you go on any promoted chat, and it's rare to see 15+ users. I'd consider that a good day for xat - but even then, these chats are quiet; nobody really talks on them anymore. I've been registered on xat since 2009, and these past few months I've seen nothing but the same users around on xat, on almost every chat I go to. The admins should not be afraid to fix these problems, as the future of their website depends on solving these issues. I hope things change in the future, such as: Ticket response times Active volunteers (goes hand in hand with the first bullet point) More transparency TL;DR - We need change.
  8. PcBack Shuffle

    HTML5 development is still ongoing, regardless of power creation. Off-topic.
  9. Option For More xats Packages on Buy

    Hard part for them would be determining the price; how much per day? what about per xat? Should there be a minimum? Maximum?
  10. PcBack Shuffle

    I don't know why this doesn't even work, seems like oversight by @Admin.
  11. PcBack Shuffle

    I assume that would be the requirement, to have both. This whole power idea should be an update to the already existing PCBack, end of discussion. I won't be surprised if it isn't, though.
  12. PcBack Shuffle

    They aren't forced to make a new power. Them choosing not to update an already existing power (two, actually) just so they can make money off of sales is absurd. This is how we end up with 467 powers, 90% of which are never used.
  13. PcBack Shuffle

    There isn't much profit to be made off of recent powers. This shouldn't be taken into consideration when developing a feature that clearly would be an upgrade to either PCBack or Shuffle.
  14. PcBack Shuffle

    I can't tell if that's sarcasm or not. But, it shouldn't be done that way because macros are unreliable. If they use the avatar field, sure, I'm all for the power being made. However... Why can't we just tie this into the original shuffle (edit: or pcback), instead of making an entirely new power for people to buy? I say add more functionality to the original.
  15. PcBack Shuffle

    I just can't see this power being worth purchasing, let alone using, if your macro would just reset all the time. More discussion about that should be had.