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  1. Option For More xats Packages on Buy

    Hi everyone, I want to suggest a new payment method (reserved for Apple users) to add to the buy page. The payment method is called "Apple Pay". I think it's an innovative thing to add, as now I've come across the smartphone. Below I'll leave you the links to learn more: https://developer.apple.com/apple-pay/ It would be useful, also add to the xat application, in the section where you buy xats.
  2. xat delete chat automatically?

    Tnx @muffins, i'll talk to the main of that chat. If i have the same problem, i will contact you in pm.
  3. Group Power (Adblocker)

    I think this function is useful, I also think that the protection "/pr" currently implemented work well.
  4. Group Power (Adblocker)

    Only do trusted members, so you do not have a any problem. And still as a guest, you can send the same advertisement using different combinations to overcome the restriction.
  5. Hi all, many xat users, came to Italian help.. wondering why they ever disappeared xats from one to another. I'll tell you the problem: if I go to xat.com/Name, the chat does not show up, but it does work if it's on a website and if I look for "cache copy" on google, it makes me embed. Check here.
  6. 467 YOGA

    Nice power, good job

    PlasticTomato (93658205)

    PlasticTomato (93658205)
  9. Contest Pcback

    Tonight at 22 UTC +1, we proclaim the winner of the contest. I remind you that for the prize you have to contact @muffins.
  10. First it was easier to see recent posts, now you have to search I think the widget should be put as before, even under the "Forum Statistics". I would like to remove "member stats" which makes no sense as widgets. This page is useful, but I'm saying that in my opinion mobile, it's easier for everyone to search for the latest posts with the widget. @LaFleur, you did not say a nonsense, I'm just saying that phone was easier with the widget. There are not many taps, but before it was more practical to read the latest posts. I'm just saying that now without the widget you have to search for the discussions.
  11. I think it might be useful, in the mobile version of the forum, it's now hard to look for the latest trheads in the forum. And it's also a way to let the user read the discussion. In this way, the discussions are read a few.
  12. Contest Pcback

    Ok, i wait the pcback.

    PlasticTomato (93658205)
  14. Test thread ignore

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