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  1. 11 hours ago, Auction said:

    Hello @Ronal

    All those IDs are already registered by other users. You can not suggest IDs that have been taken. Change it all, please.


    To know which IDs are available, go to the following link:

    https://xat.me/a?id=11111 <-- You just have to replace the ID number (11111) with the ID you wish to search.



    Note: You need to have a suggestion of any available ID, so that your suggestion is taken as valid.

    Okey ty <3



  2. Who Am I?
    A small contest in which you have to guess the name of the character described below. 

    How do I participate?
    One of the moderators will write 3 sentences about some person. your task is to guess who that is. It can be anyone from tdp4/forum to movie characters. If you guess it right you will receive: 100 Xats.


    1. I'm a woman.
    2. Advanced members.
    3. do an exceptional job in the forum




     My mom.

     RonalSaavedraUz (1513238415)

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    • Heads or tails?

    We've all played heads or tails, or we've just thrown a coin for a bet or win something in return.
    For here you will do the same thing only that you will place the name of the part of the coin that you think will win "heads or tails"

    • Choose one face of the Currency and enter your xat ID + name


    ! Do not forget to place your identification.


    • *Start: 28/12/18
    • *Ends31/12/18


    20 xats by guessing the coin.

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  3.         » Leaderboard ~ Global.

    1. @Ronal ~ Country: Venezuela ~ Points: 0
    2. @Ronal ~ Country: Venezuela ~ Points: 0
    3. @Ronal ~ Country: Venezuela ~ Points: 0
    4. @Ronal ~ Country: Venezuela ~ Points: 0
    5. @Ronal ~ Country: Venezuela ~ Points: 0
    6. @Ronal ~ Country: Venezuela ~ Points: 0
    7. @Ronal ~ Country: Venezuela ~ Points: 0
    8. @Ronal ~ Country: Venezuela ~ Points: 0
    9. @Ronal ~ Country: Venezuela ~ Points: 0
    10. @Ronal ~ Country: Venezuela ~ Points: 0

  4. » Cᴏɴᴛᴇsᴛ:

    the answers are small mini-challenges where you will have 50% of winning.


    » Date:

    It will be placed by me.


    » Rules:

    It will depend on each activity.


    » Rewards:

    As I said before, 50% of winning therefore we have a leaderboard... people with more than 20 games won a reward.

  5. Uhm @Wizh tenias tiempo sin entrar a tu cuenta? Intenta cambiando la contraseña de tu cuenta con el correo electrónico... 

    Una vez eso, pon otra similar. con eso se solucionaría el problema.


    La memoria cache borra los datos del navegador por horas, semanas, meses y años... pero se le olvidan marcan la opción "Desde el orígenes de los tiempos" o solo no quieren por que borrarían datos importantes guardados. como dicen los demás la cache puede ayudar pero si no quieres borrar los dados en vano solo utiliza la ventana incognito si entra desde alli, simple borra los datos de tu verdadera cache. 




    uhm hello I returned to xat, after almost a year, I already missed it I am a big fan of the xat where they make games for their users, not only because we all play but because they make different friendships.


    I'm particularly in xat/game with my friend @HelperNate - Do not they know another xat? xat/concurso died, where I was moderator lol

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