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  1. Este juego no tiene Fin v: Ejemplo: User: 1 User. 2 User: 3 User: Lo sigue continuando... -------------------------------------------------- This game has no End v: Example: User: 1 User. 2 User: 3 User: It's still going on ...
  2. » Games Ronal ● Hello, play an easy game, the game is that someone will say a word and the next will add a new word with the last letter of the first word. ● Hola, juega este juego facil, el juego consiste en que alguien dice una palabra y el otro lo sigue con la ultima letra del de arriba ↑ XD. » Example: ↓ 7w7 (Este juego funciona tanto para del idioma ingles & español)
  3. Ho lol alguien del Equipo encargado me puede elegir un Smile? para mi? no tengo muchos powers que digamos... si quieren un smile de los que están en xat xd /// Ho lol someone from the Team Manager can you choose a Smile? for me? I do not have many powers to say ... if you want a smile of those who are in xat xd
  4. Hi, can you tell me how to win Xats or powers? Already a form that is with the "Events" - but do not know a xat to do contests every day? I know only Xat / Game & / Xat / Game <but this one is not very active lol I need the power of NameColor to see me handsome xd
  5. RonalSaavedraUz (1513238415) Se que no puedo elegir mi lugar pero ojala ganara el 5to /// I know I can not choose my place but I hope he wins the 5th Link 1: http://prntscr.com/g2rcmb Link 2: http://prntscr.com/g2rcd6
  6. Pikachu v: fue difícil hacerlo xd Link: https://image.prntscr.com/image/nmEM7y7iS__lDD0QD50exw.png RonalSaavedraUz (1513238415)
  7. Ronal


    Hello, my name is Ronal I'm new to this forum, I like to use a lot of xat since it's fun to meet people every day ... I am good at doing activities for the entertainment of people / players and my experience of 5 years in an onlinne gaming forum, I just say it in case someone has Xats for activities, events & contests and has no idea for your event can Send a PM to give it one and develop it. Mi idioma original es el español, pero se escribir un poco en ingles.
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